Near Death Experience (NDE)

The term near-death experience (NDE) can encompass a broad range of experiences associated with impending death. This can be experienced as the feeling of being detached from your body or levitating. You may feel anything from total warmth and serenity to the feeling of extreme fear. There almost always exists the presence of light.

This is a phenomena typically reported by an individual who was pronounced dead or had nearly died and then was revived. NDE reports have increased since modern techniques in cardiac resuscitation. Many in the scientific community dismiss this as hallucinatory but some see this as evidence of an afterlife.

Near-death experiences started to become widely known after a book published in 1975 by Roymond Moody entitled Life After Life. According to a Gallup poll, about eight million Americans claim to have had a near-death experience. This number could be higher due to the fact that many people may not feel comfortable discussing their experience.

NDE is a phenomena studied in parapsychology, psychology, psychiatry,and hospital medicine.