Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Can a Brand New House Be Haunted, and Who Was the Little Girl? - by Lorena Marteva

My story takes place in a coastal village in Bulgaria. My parents had a house built in the village in 2003, originally just as a holiday home. At the time, the fact that the village graveyard was just a ten minute walk from the house never bothered us. The graveyard itself had a strange story surrounding it, though to this day I've never found out exactly what it was. Directly behind the graveyard there is a large hill with a dimple in the top. It's easy to see that it is 'man-made' ( I.e: someone has piled earth there, and the grass has grown over it). Whenever we asked anyone in the village about this hill, they became very vague and shifty, and mumbled something either about treasure, or the bodies of soldiers. Clearly there are two versions of the story! Anyway... In 2008, my parents decided to move permanently to Bulgaria to start a restaurant business, and we moved into the house to live full-time. I was 15 at the time. Almost straight away we began to notice odd things. Mostly it was just noises. We would be sitting downstairs and hear a creaking overhead as though someone was walking. We knew perfectly well no-one was up there. Other times we would hear a clatter from one of the bedrooms, as though something had fallen on the floor. I remember distinctly that I once heard something metal fall to the floor. It sounded like a deodorant can, or something similar, and the noise came from my room. When I got up there, nothing was on the floor, but my can of deodorant was in the middle of my dressing table, spinning slightly as though someone had just put it back there a bit carelessly. Then came the arrival of 'my silhouette', as I took to calling it. One night I turned over in bed to face the bedroom door, and it just seemed to materialise. It stood in the space between my door and my wardrobe. I understand if this is difficult to imagine, but it was darker than the total darkness around it. It was definitely human in shape, and seemed to be standing as though on guard. Gradually as I watched I could see that it shrank to a child's height, then rose up again to be almost the same height as my wardrobe, then back down. It did that all the while. Strangely, I did not feel scared. And I never did feel scared of it, all the nights after that. It was there every night without fail and I was convinced that it was protecting me. That's why it became 'my silhouette'. When I was about 17 I got a boyfriend, and eventually he came to live with us in our house. His family would sometimes come around to visit, and he had a little sister who was about four. Now, one sunny afternoon, I was suffering from a terrible migraine. I took some tablets and went to bed, but couldn't sleep. It was too late, and there were people being noisy in the hotel next our house. So I was just lying there with my face buried in the pillow trying to block out the light. All of a sudden, I heard my door creak open, and little footsteps walking into my room.Without raising my head from the pillow, I said 'who is it?'. A little voice answered, 'It's me, Kristiana'. I felt her weight on the bed as she sat down near my feet. 'Where's your mummy?' I asked, wondering why they'd let her come up here when they knew I wasn't well. 'Downstairs with my brother'. came the reply. 'Well, please go back downstairs to your mummy, Krisi. I'm really not feeling good'. And she left. I felt her get up and heard her footsteps again as she left the room. Later, in the evening, my boyfriend came to see how I was. I was a little better, and sat up and asked if his mum and sister were still here. I got a blank expression in reply. 'What?' 'Your mum and Krisi. Are they here still or did they go home?' 'Lorena... they haven't been here today, what are you on about?' 'But... Krisi was here, she was talking to me!' And I told him the whole story of what had happened. He just kept shaking his head more and more violently, and when I'd finished, he explained that his mother had been working all day in the city (a good half hour away by car) and that Krisi had been at nursery. It was impossible that they had been here. Absolutely and completely. He said I'd been dreaming, but I know I wasn't because it had been to light and noisy for me to sleep through my migraine. Was it a hallucination brought on by the migraine and the heat? Possibly, but mixed together with everything else the house was throwing at us, somehow I doubt it. And how is it that a house which even now is barely ten years old can be haunted? Does it have anything to do with the mysterious graveyard? Are there soldiers buried in the hill, and is it one of them that guards my door each night? So many questions...