Thursday, June 19, 2014

Old House - by Anonymous

This is a really long story of my old house! Read if you want to, this is all true, About 10 years ago when I was seven years old, I used to live in an old brick house. I'd say it was probably built sometime during 1920's - 1930's. Anyway, there used to be a lady that lived there before my family and I moved in. But I heard that the lady that moved in died in a car crash. But we found out after awhile of living in the house. My siblings (I had 7 of them) and I moved into that house with our parents. Of course I was so young and I liked new things. But ever since we moved into the new house, strange things began to happen here and there. Also, my siblings played the Ouiji Board when we moved in too. This might have lead to these experiences. In my first experience, my little brother (5years old at the time) and I were put into time-out (I don't remember why) but we were put in our parent's room because they're room is small and there was only a bed and a closet and not really anything else in the room. As we sit there, I see something start to form under the blankets, like someone was actually under the blank. It crawled towards us and we tried to open the door to get out but it was stuck for some reason. As we banged on the door, the blanket came closer and closer. Finally it reached us and we were scared to the max. Then whatever was under the blanket, it had teeth and it started to gnaw on us. I didn't even know that was possible, but it probably bit me 3 or 4 times and suddenly the door was opened and whatever was under the blanket... wasn't under the blanket anymore. It was like something just disappeared like that. And i obviously didn't know how to explain it to anyone, I was 7. No one would believe kids. My next experience would be when I was sleeping with my youngest sister (11 years old at the time). My sister JUST turned out the lights. I was in the middle, my sister was on the right of me and there wasn't anyone on the left. I turned to my left side to keep myself comfortable and stretch my hand to that side. There were something soft. But then I realized that it was really long hair. It felt like my sister's hair but she was sleeping on the opposite side of be. As confused as I was, I thought maybe it was one of my sisters trying to scare me, or maybe my sister snuck in when we weren't looking. I told her to turn the lights on and she did. There was nothing there. I was so scared, i knew something was there but it just did not want to be seen. I told my sister I was going to sleep with my parents so I just left the room. We had a scream costume that my older brother would wear for Halloween. But everytime I saw it, something would not feel right. This one time my younger brother and I were playing games (Super Nintendo 64) and we were in the living room by ourselves, while everyone else was out of the house and my oldest brother (15 years old) was upstairs. As we enjoyed playing the games, we hear this "creek" come from our parents room. We looked, it had opened about 5 inches, but we were kids and we just went back to playing games. Then we heard it again, and in surprise, there was something standing behind the door. And as scared as I was, I also felt that something was not right. All of a sudden, it walked out. It was the scream costume and someone was wearing it, and for a second there, I thought it was my brother. But my brother would NEVER pull a prank on us. He was mature and I remember he was upstairs. It basically ran towards us, it had teeth, this was the thing that was chewed on me before. The atmosphere got really heavy. My brother and I was basically screaming and running around like crazy people. But then as my brother was walking downstairs to see what the fuss was about, whatever was in the scream costume, it ran back inside my parent's room. And I told my oldest brother to check and there was nothing in the room. The scream costume was in the closet and it looked like it was folded. My brother and I weren't the only ones experiencing these things. There was this one time where my family were in the living room and we were talking and watching movies and stuff. And my sister(18 years old) was going to go out and my mom got mad. My sister went upstairs. (To get upstairs, you have to go through the bathroom in order to get to the steps. So the kitchen connects to the bathroom which connects to the stairs, weird I know. There were two doors in the bathroom to the kitchen and the stairs.) And so as my sister walked upstairs, my mom locked my sister, from the bathroom, upstairs so she couldn't leave. So my sister was mad and she went to her room upstairs and my mom went back into the living room. Then after a while, I needed to use the bathrooom. And I was surprised it was locked and I was waiting for someone to come out. After about 15 minutes I knocked and told them to hurry. No answer. Another 5 minutes pass and everyone started to get concerned. Everyone started knocking and still, no answer. We basically had to break the door down to see if it was my sister that locked us out. But after breaking that door down, there was NO ONE in the bathroom. And to lock the bathroom, you have to lock it from the inside. My mom unlocked the door to the stairs and was surprise to see my sister sitting there waiting for the door to be unlocked. My second oldest sister (20 years old) has a sixth sense. She sees a lot of stuff in the house and can feel it better than any of us in the house. This one time she was sleeping upstairs, she awoken up to someone crying. She thought it had been my sister that was crying, but my sister was sleeping next to her sound asleep. She still heard crying and she wanted to see what it was. She got up and walked towards where the sound was coming from. It came from the window and she turned the corner and she saw someone sitting on the window ledge. She stood there in shock, the girl was wearing a white dress as she described it. She picked up this sad feeling/energy. She felt like something wasn't right either, and wondered who was sitting at the window. And then the girl jumped out the window, she ran back scared to her bed and sat there thinking for an explanation. I think that someone committed suicide there before we moved into the house. But we moved after about a year later and found a house with no strange things that happen. And to this day, we still haven't sold the house, but it's rented to this other family we know. My little cousin who is currently 12 years old, goes over and hangs out with her friend that lives there now and she says she sees stuff there all the time. But you know, there's not really anything we can do. These are just some experiences that I've had in the house. There are more unexplained phenomenons that happened as we continued to live in the house. Now, I'm 17 years old and I can remember these things like it was just yesterday. Now I know these things exist, it makes more sense now than back then when it happened. Also, remember the Ouiji Board I told you about earlier? That was probably also the key that lead to these weird experiences. Don't play it! Even if it's just for fun. You might unleashed something you might not have control over. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed my story! :)