Friday, July 5, 2013

The White Lady - by Anonymous

Hi my name's Becky, I'm 26 years old. I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this, and help me understand. Ok so when I was 9 I'd heard stories about "white lady" and that if you called her name three times on Halloween night with a candle she was "supposed" to appear to you. I did just that in the spare room of one of my old houses and nothing happened. Or so I thought. A few months after Halloween I was sleeping in the spare room,and could hear rain on the window, but when I looked outside it wasn't raining, I thought nothing of it at the time. Then one night I was in my own room in my own bed when I'd woken from a nightmare, to find someone standing in my room with a hockey mask on, both my partners assured me that it wasn't them and still to this day I ask and they still say it wasn't them. Nothing happened after that for a few years, then my step brother came to stay,in the spare room,and the next day told my mum that something heavy had sat on him on the night I then overheard my mum telling him that when she and my dad had argued she had gone to sleep in the spare room, and in the middle of the night turned over to see a white hag laying next to her with a horrible grin on her face. I freaked then, no one knew what I had done on Halloween night! As I got older it seemed to get worse, we even moved, but strange things still kept on happening, like I'd be in bed and I'd hear a bang like it was right inside my room, I'd freeze in bed not wanting to make a sound. I kept thinking GET UP AND RUN TO MUMS ROOM, when I family ran into my mums room, it sounded like my room was being turned upside down. The next day nothing was out of place in my room. I had to tell my mum what I'd done at our old house and she just went white because of her experience in that room. Stranger things happened, I'd hear whispering, muffled voices, the attic door opening on its own, the living room door came off its hinges when it had been fine the night before. So we moved again, in the new house I'd see dark shadows then my family members when they weren't even In the house. My brother saw me walk into a wall. The list goes on and on, when I left home nothing happened after then, I'm 26 now and still get a frightened feeling, it's hard to explain. I don't feel watched just petrified and my bed and under the covers is my only savior.