Friday, May 24, 2013

The Ghost That Keeps Coming Back - by Devyn

Hi, my name is Devyn. I am only 13 years old,I know pretty young. But anyways when I was just 7 I made a big mistake,I had played on the Ouija board. Not knowing what would happen later on,I kept playing. Me and my friends thought it was fun,since we were talking to an invisible person. About a month after we stopped playing on the Ouija, strange things started to occur. Like one night I was sleeping on the couch, since I usually got an eerie feeling in my own room. So there I was sleeping peacefully until I got a rude awakening. Something got knocked over. I have to admit that I was a little frightened but then I fell back asleep. About a few minutes later our pantry door slowly opened and slammed shut. Now I was fully awake and I ran to my parents room. About a few weeks later more strange things started to happen, like my parents would hear people running upstairs,and when they went to go check on all us kids, they would only find us asleep. One of the things that freaked me out was that one day when I was asleep my mom heard a little kid's voice say "mommy"! (Usually my parents would be drinking in there garage and when I needed something I would knock on the door and say "mommy") but this time it wasn't me. When my mom went to answer the door she found that no one was there. So she went to go check on us,and we were all asleep. After a few weeks of this happening, things started to change up. People in our house got more angry and the house just got more uncomfortable. One night when I was only 8 I was awoken by a thumping noise, I looked up and a shoe flew across my room and hit the wall. I got so scared that I ran to my parents room. The other thing was since all these things were happening I got a cross necklace from my grandma as a present to keep me safe. One day I put the cross on my bed and spent the night at my grandma's. Now nobody was home at this time not any of my siblings. And when I came home the cross was on the floor broken (we didn't have any pets). Now I was so scared that I was sleeping in my parents room every night. And then we moved. Which relieved a lot of stress. Until my brother witnessed the cupboards slamming open and shut. Then we moved two more times with no problems. Until now, yesterday I was laying in bed trying to sleep, I was dazing off when all of the sudden I felt a hand touch my hair and run down my back repeatedly. It felt like when you get that tingly feeling when a sudden breeze passing by. And I know It's not my imagination because it happened repeatedly. Any advice?