Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Résidence de Milfort 86, 7011 Mons, Belgium - by John Davis

The following happened to me in July of 2007 while a US Army employee working at Daumerie Caserne in Belgium. My family and I lived at Résidence de Milfort 86, 7011 Mons, Belgium for about 16 months before the incident. My wife and I were asleep. Between 3AM and 4AM I woke myself because I heard myself say, “yes”. I didn’t hear a question or hear anyone speak. I rolled over and there was a whitish gray being with black eyes directly above me looking me directly in the eye. It/he was a male. He had no hair on his body. He was humanoid and didn’t have any of the stereotypical alien features. I didn’t feel any temperature from him. He was looking at my face up and down. He then turned and looked to his left. I didn’t look to see what he was looking at because I wanted to stay focused on him. He turned back to me and opened his mouth wide and grimaced. While still looking at me he rose up and got smaller and disappeared. I was not scared. I believe I wasn’t scared because I was trying to absorb what was happening. I don’t believe the being was a ghost or an alien. I believe the being was a spirit of some type but not of a dead person. After the incident I felt depressions on my bed twice. The next evening my 26 year old son was upstairs on his laptop sitting in a chair with his back against the wall. He said that a being/spirit in black rope looking material came out of the wall and hovered over him and looked at him with “disdain” and then moved in front of him towards the bed and disappeared. Approximately about a month prior to the incident I purchased an African charcoal carving of a human head from Troc International sprl at Avenue du Régent 5 7011 Belgium. After my son’s incident I threw the carving in a dumpster. I’ve often wondered if the carving was possessed by a spirit and that’s what triggered the incidents.

Voices In My Hearing Aids - by Ghost Hunter L

I was born hard of hearing. When I was 5 years old, I got my first hearing aids. Hearing aids are an electronic device that uses a small battery to enhance sounds. It was when I was 12 years old that I moved into an old house. All was well for a week till my hearing aid was wailing feedback and screeching. I removed my earrings and all was well. Later on I heard voices clear as day and I heard a woman yelling, "NO! Please don't kill me!" But nobody was in the house. I heard a woman whisper Help me? And a name Eugene Cowden. I did research and could find nothing except that a woman and her kid was killed by being stabbed to death in that house. I told my grandmother who is a Medium, about what has happened over the phone. She called police with that name and police caught him and he confessed to the murder. The day after I heard voice say thank you and never heard anything since.