Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mum's Haunted Car... - by Amie Chapman

My mum and I were driving to our local news agent at about 5:30pm. It was dark by then and she told me to wait in the car while she got her cigarettes at the shop. I sat in the passenger seat with my elbow leaning against the window looking at the mirror on the side of the car. Then I saw a dark silhouette in the back seat, I then panicked but didn't want to look back because I was so scared. It really felt like I was being watched from behind me...then all of a sudden the car made a really weird noise like it was the windows coming down. The head lights were left on facing a brick wall in front of the car and the lights were going all over the shop, making a really weird noise. I was terrified now. Then a man and his dog walked past in front of the car. He stopped walking and looked oddly at me, and lifted his glasses up. He saw the lights going everywhere but I just sat still, not touching anything. He pointed at the back seat as if to say, "watch out look behind you!" But I didn't do anything because my mum was coming. Then the man started running away... I then turned to my mum and told her everything and she said, "I told you my car was haunted!" And she said she had the same feeling of being watched from behind but no one was there....