Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Banging On The Door - by Anonymous

Late one night as I was closing the door behind me from the utility/garage, I suddenly heard knocking from the other side! Well, more like a pounding actually! I was getting pretty freaked, because there had been nobody with me in the garage. I opened the door and looked inside. To my relief, there was nobody there! I looked to see if perhaps there was something that got knocked over behind the door, but there was nothing found. Nothing was hanging on, or even touching the door. I remember thinking to myself, I hope there's a logical explanation for this because my husband wasn't getting back from training until the morning! To ease my fear, I kept telling myself it was probably just some hardware mechanism with the door, or perhaps a draft had caused the sound. I'm not too familiar with the usual house noises yet, because we just moved here not too long ago. As a precaution I had someone do a house/perimeter check. There was nothing found. After that, I wasn't so freaked out anymore, but who or what could have been banging on that door from the other side?