Thursday, August 1, 2013

Souls In Box - by Lisa Gutierrez-Haley

My name is Lisa Gutierrez-Haley, and I am a psychic-medium and I specialize in exorcisms and cleansing; anything paranormal.I have been helping people for over 30 years. I was born with the gift to see, hear and interact with spirits etc. It defines the person I am, I don't really relate well to the so called "normal" world. My life has always been surrounded by spirits, the good the bad,the evil and the demonic.Some of my closes friends are dead.(But true) I have so many experiences that I have had throughout my life time, I don't know where to begin. So I think I'll start with something simple, yet interesting. Souls in a box. That's case I did a few months back. For me a really simple case, but one I really enjoyed. I love cases where I can show without a shadow of a doubt my skills by using my gift. I received a call from one of my husband's employee's. He claimed he and his wife and little daughter were being plagued by some spirits in their house and it had been going on for years but it was getting worse. They (the spirit(s)) were getting more aggressive and pushing, grabbing and scratching them. They feared for their child's safety and their own. They also said the feeling in the home was so negative and over powering it was causing negative reaction with in their family. They were fighting and arguing and always overwhelmed with sadness. When it comes to children I try and get their as quickly as possible. Nothing is worse then a child living in fear. We, myself and husband arrived to the location, the only information I had was what he had told me on the phone.As soon as you walked in the home you could feel the overwhelming heaviness and pressure of being pushed down on. I Could hear two voices, one saying "She's going to have a baby, tell her,tell her." and another voice which was very harsh and mean and negative swearing up a storm and complaining about everything and anything. The second voice kept complaining about how cramped and dark and hot "They were" and she wanted "them" out. She was anything from a kind spirit. I kept what I heard to myself and asked to walk around the house. But, I did ask the wife if she were pregnant yet. She looked at me very puzzled and said, "No?!" Even after she answered my question she still had that confused puzzled look on her face. I began to walk around the house. When I walked into their den, I Immediately heard the "Cranky" spirit begin to yell, swear and complain. She was not a happy spirit indeed. I felt a presence of two spirits in the room an older women and a older man. They were husband and wife. I went to a wall in the den and placed my hand on the wall and I Told my clients that the two people a older husband and wife were right behind my hand, behind this wall in a closet. I told them the women was old and mean and loved to swear and complain and nothing was good enough for her. I told them that the man just listen to what ever she says and just bares with it. But he is very gentle by nature and kind unlike her. I told them the women complains about being cramped and being hot and it was too dark where she was and she wants out. The clients, (husband and the wife) looked at me in amazement. The husband went to the closet door and right inside behind the wall where I said they were he pulled out two boxes. In these boxes were the remains of both their great grand mother and great grand father. I told them to immediately remove these remains from the house and as soon as they could dispose of them properly. I suggested some proper idea's of disposal. But in the meantime keep those remains out of their house. The husband immediately moved the two boxes of remains to the detached garage. He told me they would dispose of the remains as soon as possible. The house immediately lifted,the negativity was gone, everyone could feel it. But we were not done just yet. I told the husband and wife, that now I have to find the two nice spirits. They again looked at me with amazement. I went from the den directly to their bed room and walked up to the wall and said, "Oh you're kidding me! not again?!" "There right behind this wall right in this spot."I Described another older couple but very, loving and sweet and protecting. I could feel they too were family. I described how the women would go into their little daughters room and play with her. I told them she means no harm only love. I Told them that she checks on them when they sleep and touches them gently just to let them know she's there. I told them how the female spirit complained laughingly, how loud the husband snored and on what side of the bed he slept. I told them both that she says "They will be pregnant with in two years and not to worry!". I told she begged that they don't move her or their grand father, that they are happy being there and wished to stay. The husband and wife very overwhelmed, the husband walked to the closet opened the door and right behind the wall where my hand was were two more boxes with human remains. These were the remains of the wife's grand mother and grand father. They said I described them exactly as they were. They told me they were no longer afraid of what they saw in their child's room now. That they know who it was. They feared before because they were afraid something may possibly be trying to hurt their child because they didn't understand. But now it made sense. They would see their little daughter taking and playing but there was nobody there. When they would talk to their daughter she would swear someone was with her. But know they had the comfort of knowing it was the grandmother. They also confirmed the feeling of being gentle touched and comfort in their room. So now that the 2 remains of the great-grand parents were out of the home the home became pleasant again. The husband and wife kept the remains of the other just as they were. I finished my job by cleansing and blessing the home and reminding them to properly dispose of the other two remains as quickly as possible. All though the issue was solved and the house back to normal. I still kept getting the message about a baby. But I just put it to the side. We began to say our goodbyes and they wife came up to me and began to cry and she said how grateful they were. I explained it was no problem it what I do. She told me "Oh yes! Thank you for fixing our home. But that's not what I'm thanking you for." She told me she was thanking me for telling her that she was going to get pregnant. That a few months back she had a miscarriage and she was stressing so badly that she would never have another child again. But now because of the message I gave her from her grandmother she knows she will. She said they were twice blessed by our visit. We gave them their home and life back and we gave them hope for another child. They have had no further negative issues or encounters and they did dispose of the 2 remains properly and kept the two others as they were. They are once again living a happy peaceful life. This is why I do what I do, it is the best reward in the world to give someone their life back. Though this story is a simple case and not Scary in nature like most of my cases. This one was never the less a pleasure to do.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The White Lady - by Anonymous

Hi my name's Becky, I'm 26 years old. I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this, and help me understand. Ok so when I was 9 I'd heard stories about "white lady" and that if you called her name three times on Halloween night with a candle she was "supposed" to appear to you. I did just that in the spare room of one of my old houses and nothing happened. Or so I thought. A few months after Halloween I was sleeping in the spare room,and could hear rain on the window, but when I looked outside it wasn't raining, I thought nothing of it at the time. Then one night I was in my own room in my own bed when I'd woken from a nightmare, to find someone standing in my room with a hockey mask on, both my partners assured me that it wasn't them and still to this day I ask and they still say it wasn't them. Nothing happened after that for a few years, then my step brother came to stay,in the spare room,and the next day told my mum that something heavy had sat on him on the night I then overheard my mum telling him that when she and my dad had argued she had gone to sleep in the spare room, and in the middle of the night turned over to see a white hag laying next to her with a horrible grin on her face. I freaked then, no one knew what I had done on Halloween night! As I got older it seemed to get worse, we even moved, but strange things still kept on happening, like I'd be in bed and I'd hear a bang like it was right inside my room, I'd freeze in bed not wanting to make a sound. I kept thinking GET UP AND RUN TO MUMS ROOM, when I family ran into my mums room, it sounded like my room was being turned upside down. The next day nothing was out of place in my room. I had to tell my mum what I'd done at our old house and she just went white because of her experience in that room. Stranger things happened, I'd hear whispering, muffled voices, the attic door opening on its own, the living room door came off its hinges when it had been fine the night before. So we moved again, in the new house I'd see dark shadows then my family members when they weren't even In the house. My brother saw me walk into a wall. The list goes on and on, when I left home nothing happened after then, I'm 26 now and still get a frightened feeling, it's hard to explain. I don't feel watched just petrified and my bed and under the covers is my only savior.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Ghost That Keeps Coming Back - by Devyn

Hi, my name is Devyn. I am only 13 years old,I know pretty young. But anyways when I was just 7 I made a big mistake,I had played on the Ouija board. Not knowing what would happen later on,I kept playing. Me and my friends thought it was fun,since we were talking to an invisible person. About a month after we stopped playing on the Ouija, strange things started to occur. Like one night I was sleeping on the couch, since I usually got an eerie feeling in my own room. So there I was sleeping peacefully until I got a rude awakening. Something got knocked over. I have to admit that I was a little frightened but then I fell back asleep. About a few minutes later our pantry door slowly opened and slammed shut. Now I was fully awake and I ran to my parents room. About a few weeks later more strange things started to happen, like my parents would hear people running upstairs,and when they went to go check on all us kids, they would only find us asleep. One of the things that freaked me out was that one day when I was asleep my mom heard a little kid's voice say "mommy"! (Usually my parents would be drinking in there garage and when I needed something I would knock on the door and say "mommy") but this time it wasn't me. When my mom went to answer the door she found that no one was there. So she went to go check on us,and we were all asleep. After a few weeks of this happening, things started to change up. People in our house got more angry and the house just got more uncomfortable. One night when I was only 8 I was awoken by a thumping noise, I looked up and a shoe flew across my room and hit the wall. I got so scared that I ran to my parents room. The other thing was since all these things were happening I got a cross necklace from my grandma as a present to keep me safe. One day I put the cross on my bed and spent the night at my grandma's. Now nobody was home at this time not any of my siblings. And when I came home the cross was on the floor broken (we didn't have any pets). Now I was so scared that I was sleeping in my parents room every night. And then we moved. Which relieved a lot of stress. Until my brother witnessed the cupboards slamming open and shut. Then we moved two more times with no problems. Until now, yesterday I was laying in bed trying to sleep, I was dazing off when all of the sudden I felt a hand touch my hair and run down my back repeatedly. It felt like when you get that tingly feeling when a sudden breeze passing by. And I know It's not my imagination because it happened repeatedly. Any advice?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Résidence de Milfort 86, 7011 Mons, Belgium - by John Davis

The following happened to me in July of 2007 while a US Army employee working at Daumerie Caserne in Belgium. My family and I lived at Résidence de Milfort 86, 7011 Mons, Belgium for about 16 months before the incident. My wife and I were asleep. Between 3AM and 4AM I woke myself because I heard myself say, “yes”. I didn’t hear a question or hear anyone speak. I rolled over and there was a whitish gray being with black eyes directly above me looking me directly in the eye. It/he was a male. He had no hair on his body. He was humanoid and didn’t have any of the stereotypical alien features. I didn’t feel any temperature from him. He was looking at my face up and down. He then turned and looked to his left. I didn’t look to see what he was looking at because I wanted to stay focused on him. He turned back to me and opened his mouth wide and grimaced. While still looking at me he rose up and got smaller and disappeared. I was not scared. I believe I wasn’t scared because I was trying to absorb what was happening. I don’t believe the being was a ghost or an alien. I believe the being was a spirit of some type but not of a dead person. After the incident I felt depressions on my bed twice. The next evening my 26 year old son was upstairs on his laptop sitting in a chair with his back against the wall. He said that a being/spirit in black rope looking material came out of the wall and hovered over him and looked at him with “disdain” and then moved in front of him towards the bed and disappeared. Approximately about a month prior to the incident I purchased an African charcoal carving of a human head from Troc International sprl at Avenue du Régent 5 7011 Belgium. After my son’s incident I threw the carving in a dumpster. I’ve often wondered if the carving was possessed by a spirit and that’s what triggered the incidents.

Voices In My Hearing Aids - by Ghost Hunter L

I was born hard of hearing. When I was 5 years old, I got my first hearing aids. Hearing aids are an electronic device that uses a small battery to enhance sounds. It was when I was 12 years old that I moved into an old house. All was well for a week till my hearing aid was wailing feedback and screeching. I removed my earrings and all was well. Later on I heard voices clear as day and I heard a woman yelling, "NO! Please don't kill me!" But nobody was in the house. I heard a woman whisper Help me? And a name Eugene Cowden. I did research and could find nothing except that a woman and her kid was killed by being stabbed to death in that house. I told my grandmother who is a Medium, about what has happened over the phone. She called police with that name and police caught him and he confessed to the murder. The day after I heard voice say thank you and never heard anything since.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Banging On The Door - by Anonymous

Late one night as I was closing the door behind me from the utility/garage, I suddenly heard knocking from the other side! Well, more like a pounding actually! I was getting pretty freaked, because there had been nobody with me in the garage. I opened the door and looked inside. To my relief, there was nobody there! I looked to see if perhaps there was something that got knocked over behind the door, but there was nothing found. Nothing was hanging on, or even touching the door. I remember thinking to myself, I hope there's a logical explanation for this because my husband wasn't getting back from training until the morning! To ease my fear, I kept telling myself it was probably just some hardware mechanism with the door, or perhaps a draft had caused the sound. I'm not too familiar with the usual house noises yet, because we just moved here not too long ago. As a precaution I had someone do a house/perimeter check. There was nothing found. After that, I wasn't so freaked out anymore, but who or what could have been banging on that door from the other side?

Mum's Haunted Car... - by Amie Chapman

My mum and I were driving to our local news agent at about 5:30pm. It was dark by then and she told me to wait in the car while she got her cigarettes at the shop. I sat in the passenger seat with my elbow leaning against the window looking at the mirror on the side of the car. Then I saw a dark silhouette in the back seat, I then panicked but didn't want to look back because I was so scared. It really felt like I was being watched from behind me...then all of a sudden the car made a really weird noise like it was the windows coming down. The head lights were left on facing a brick wall in front of the car and the lights were going all over the shop, making a really weird noise. I was terrified now. Then a man and his dog walked past in front of the car. He stopped walking and looked oddly at me, and lifted his glasses up. He saw the lights going everywhere but I just sat still, not touching anything. He pointed at the back seat as if to say, "watch out look behind you!" But I didn't do anything because my mum was coming. Then the man started running away... I then turned to my mum and told her everything and she said, "I told you my car was haunted!" And she said she had the same feeling of being watched from behind but no one was there....

Girl In The Woods - by Landon

It all started 2 months ago when me and my friend were out back eating mac and cheese. yum! So we started to feel watched and so we ran in screaming. So it came off of our minds until 2 weeks ago, the 29th of Dec. 1999. We were talking and so we got that feeling again. Ever get that feeling? And then a little girl walked up and I only saw her out of the corner of my eye, and we both heard her say, "Who are you," over and over, but when we turn around it stopped. So we tried a trick and took some pictures to see if a ghost shows up, and turns out there was one. So from then on, the ghost has been sighted at my house and she's haunting me and her. So back to the day before me and her wanted to prove ourselves right so we downloaded some apps to see that our ghost is circling our houses inside and out. We cant sleep at night, and especially for the fact that she is at Savannah Pirate House...and its haunted... Please let me know what's going on...