Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spirit With White Face - by Anonymous

I have had an experience of a hooded / cloaked figure with a haunting, all-white visage. I have been noticing odd things for a while now. The eyes are large and diamond shaped, with the tiniest beaded eyes. The mouth is a gaping maw that seems as if it could stretch and stretch and stretch and engulf you. There is a nose, a forehead, and a jaw / chin. I recently purchased an iPhone 5 and last morning I woke up and went to the toilet with my phone. I was scrolling through the pics and I saw what I have described to you. That night before the morning when I saw the pic, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep even though I take sleeping pills and have been sleeping great for the last month. I sleep on my bed right next to the bathroom. It's around a corner from where I sleep and I felt a presence waiting there. Link to the pic. Now, this is not only me. I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, NINE friends or acquaintances that have experienced something in my house or room specifically. Some experienced the same phenomena while others experienced different phenomena. I have heard one of my housemates calling me from my room. He yelled "ayyyye!" Trying to get my attention and it also happens to be one of his catchphrases. I walked into my empty, lit room, and saw nothing. I walk downstairs and see that housemate and ask him if he just yelled. He said no. This is one of the weaker stories as I could have been hearing things and I even doubt that I heard it. But I still think I could have been called. Also, I was the only one upstairs at the time and when I heard the call I knew it was for me. End of story one. Second story I actually wasn't present for. My friends from college were chilling in my room and I have a whiteboard that sits atop a bookshelf. I leaned it at about a 30 degree angle with the bookshelf and it was touching the wall, picture a ladder. Well, two of these friends say that the white board flipped its top and fell off. They say all of the doors and windows were closed, no draft. I am an engineer in training and from the classes I have taken I can say that things like this should not happen. Ever. A force had to have been applied to the top of the whiteboard, the part touching the wall, in order to give it a CW motion. Please note that while leaning against this wall, if the wall were to disappear, the whiteboard would have fallen with a CCW motion. This story could also be false, prior to loading this $16 Target bookshelf, it was very wobbly. When loaded it was rather stable though. Things like these are always the most convincing to me. A force had to be applied. There is no other way. I just don't know what did it. End of this story. Third story, I was present in my house, but not at the correct place. An acquaintance that I had recently met was in my house. We have a two-story house with the staircase near the front door. He was walking up the stairs with one of my other friends in front of him. They were headed to my room. Then, my friend says the acquaintance promptly turned around and walked back downstairs. Asked about it later by friend, acquaintance says that he had a bad feeling and felt a presence. End of story three. Story four. In my room, three or four friends were chillin. I was not there. The center of our master bedroom, which I share with a friend, is about 10-15 feet from the center of our bathroom. I guess I have to say here that we are smokers and over a period of time broke one or more of the glass pieces to our water pipe (lawl). Anyways, three or four friends say that they all heard glass shatter in the bathroom while they were all in the bedroom. The windows and doors were closed. When I heard this story I asked if it could have been a noise from outside. They all said no. End of story four. Story five. It was a friend, my roommate, and I in my room. We were just chillin. Now, a phone starts to ring. All three of us have phones yet my phone was nowhere near where we heard the ring from. The ringer was the same ringer as my roommate, yet it was not his phone. I will say my roomie didn't hear the sound, however he was playing an online video game (League of Legends). The only other thing of note for this story is that it did indeed end up not being any of our phones and the location that I heard the ring from is the foot of my roomies bed. Around the same spot I believe the pic was taken. End of story five. Story six. Yesterday I was walking around my house downstairs. I was in the kitchen drinking water. There is a little walkway leading to and from the kitchen that leads to another of my housemates rooms / bathroom. As I was leaving the kitchen and walking through this walkway towards his place, I hear, "PSSSSSST!" I walk towards the sound and sense nothing. This was near our closet under the stairs. I asked everyone home if they said it or heard it and all denied. End of story six. Story seven. Last night a roommate was studying with a friend in the kitchen. Our dining room table is less than ten feet from our washer. This friend told me that she heard the washer turn on twice by itself. I checked the washer and asked if they messed with it and they said no. The dial was in the off position and it must be pulled to initiate. Inside the washer were two clothing items, a black sock and a black shirt. End of story seven. This story will be kind of less than a story. We have all been seeing things. Out of the corners of our eyes, of course. Shadows, objects, human-like shapes. Two of my housemates get their hair cut at a local barbershop. In the middle of the day, they both saw something. A small, shadowy figure darting across an alleyway downtown at high speed. Neither of them could identify what they saw. End of story eight. Story nine. Once again, not really a story but two days ago I tried speaking to the spirit telling it to reveal itself. The next morning I saw the pic. End of story nine. I feel like I'm missing a few. If I remember them I will update. Story ten. Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping because I just couldn't fall asleep and I had a nightmare also. I was being possessed and made to do things I didn't want to do. Specifically, I felt like I was walking toward dangerous beings. Yes, more than one. However, at different times, or "possessions." End of story ten. Story eleven. This is the weakest story. Last night when I had trouble sleeping I also was hearing an owl hooting outside in our backyard for at least an hour. This is the first time I have heard an owl in this house and I have lived here for a year and a four months now. I didn't see the owl and I have no idea what species it was, but I looked up owls this morning and found barn owls. The face of a barn owl is quite similar to the face in the picture. With differences. The eyes of the owls are almost all black, the spirit's are almost entirely white. Also the owls foreheads are too small and the nose and jaw are not pronounced enough. The gaping maw is also a difference, however I didn't see a pic of owls with their mouths open. End of all stories. This is serious. I don't know if I believe it but things have been odd lately. I told it to go away and to stop contacting me and I've been alone lately. Any advice from people with experience or any comments are welcome.