Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creepy Lights - by Heather

Hi. My name is Heather and this is my ghost story. My family friend that I thought of as a grandma had cancer. Then, sadly, she passed away in July of this year (2012). I was devastated. I have known her all my life. She made me into a Christian and go to God. It all started the day I found out she died. It was in July after my friend went home from spending the night at my house. I checked my Facebook and I saw my sister messaged me. I checked and she said that my grandmother died. I logged off and ran to my room crying. Then, that night, I was in bed. Then, all of a sudden, I felt someone touch my leg. I jumped and said," Who's there?" No response. I was terrified. So I finally went to sleep and I was dreaming about my grandmother. She told me," Heather, I know you miss me and don't worry. I'm fine. Believe in Jesus and His faith. I love you." Then everything was fine.... until today.(November 20, 2012) I was home alone and I was talking to my BFF. My dog was next to me and my bearded dragon was in his tank. All of a sudden, I saw a skinny white light shoot up from the floor to the ceiling. I was so scared. I screamed and I was freaking out. My friend told me to forget about it. So I did. Then I saw a ghostly figure in the doorway after 10 minutes. I screamed again and my heart was racing I was so scared. So my friend told me I was seeing stuff. I laughed at it and continued to talk to her. So after 2 hours, my friend called me back and we were talking. I went upstairs with my dog and then I saw a blue light next to the bathroom. So I was scared again and then my friend told me she had that same experience and she had no explanation for it. Now I'm sitting here, typing on my phone, and waiting for my mom to get home. Hope you liked my story!


Heather said...

Update* I saw the same blue light right by my downstairs bathroom. Just now it went away. Happy Thanksgiving!