Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fisherman's Cottage - by Lewis Letzer

It was almost a week after my 12th birthday when we moved into a small Victorian cottage where I had my terrifying experiences.

Well it all started when my mum bought a new wardrobe for my room from the auction. We took it home and I put it in my room. When I went to bed that night I was woken up several times by banging and scratching from underneath the wardrobe. I first thought it was my pet hamster, which has often escaped, so I went over to the cage. The hamster was asleep so I went over and looked underneath the wardrobe and realized there was nothing underneath there, so I went back to bed.

A few weeks later we decided I needed a new carpet because my carpet was tacky, so we went into town and purchased a carpet. When my mum's friend fitted it there was a small trapdoor under where my wardrobe was. I immediately thought of the banging and scratching that I heard that night. This made me very scared, so I stopped my mum and dad from going down there and begged them to board it up, so they nailed a sheet of plywood over the trap door. This reassured me that no one could get in, or more importantly get out.

That night I made a diary about what was going on in the house, but as I was writing the days passage I heard another bang. I was so disappointed that this was happening again, so I yelled, "GO AWAY YOU STUPID THING!" When my mum came down stairs and asked me what was going on, I said it was fine, I was just talking to myself. She came over and sat on my bed and gave me a hug. As she was about to leave there was three bangs. These were the most violent bangs I had heard because I saw the wardrobe shake. My mum was shaking, she walked over to the wardrobe and opened it and there were cracks in the bottom of the wood.

This is one of many things that happened in my house. After 2 years of ghost sightings, banging, scratching, footsteps, creaking, and talking, we moved to a modern council house and there were no ghosts since.

Lewis Letzer 14 years old