Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Grandfather's Message-2 - by Anonymous

It was almost a year after I had witnessed my Grandfather speaking to me and my Grandmother suiciding. I had moved into a new locality and a new high school. I hadn't told anybody about the whispers one year back but the incident remains fresh in my mind. On the night of my Grandfather's death anniversary, I lay in bed awake. My Grandmother had left to Kashi to visit my Grandfathers' brother and five sisters, and my boyfriend and me were staying in my Grandfather's ansectral home. The windows were closed and the A/C on, because summers can get very hot. Derek, my boyfriend had gone to sleep long back but I was still tossing and turning. Suddenly, I heard somebody banging on the window in the living room. I stepped into the hall and realized it was sixteen minutes into midnight. I felt a shiver as I felt a wierd sense of deja vu.The pounding became louder and abruptly stopped when I touched the glass. But when my hand left it, it pounded again. I opened the window to find nobody there. I turned around to go but the pounding started again. I opened and closed it hard with frustration. this sound must have awoken Derek because he opened the door and stood there, surveying the scene to see what was wrong. I made him go back in and went and joined him. I forgot the incident soon after. The next day, all the neighbours poured in, much to our confusion. They had seen a murderer lurking around and the man had been frightened away when somebody banged the window hard. My Grandfather had saved us yet again.