Monday, August 20, 2012

Ouija Boards and Strange Creatures - by Bree H

I've always had paranormal activity in my life. I never really spoke about it because most people find the subject of anything paranormal taboo. The first house that I grew up in was a green two-story house. The activity wasn't really scary. It would do the normal little things. If someone sat an item down, it would go missing. The item would magically turn up in the same spot about 10 minutes later. It wasn't uncommon for someone to see shadows walking by and there would be footsteps when no one was awake or if you were alone in the house. I have two siblings that are older than me. I have an older sister that is 13 years older than me. I have a brother that is two to three years older than my older sister.

The green house was getting cramped so my father thought that it was a good idea to buy a bigger house for our family. He found a two-story white house that was slightly bigger. He met with the woman that was selling the house and she offered to sell it to him for really cheap. My father told me that he never really questioned why it was so cheap and why she was in a hurry to sell it. It was a deal, why not? Well we had activity happening in this house. Stuff would go missing. Our pictures hung up on the wall would be hanging upside down. A sobriety medal with the Lord's prayer would end up in the fish tank. We'd get this really strange smell that would only happen every year around October. It wasn't the sewer. This would happen right around the same time each year. Things got so bad that we had to talk with the woman that sold the house. She's from Haiti. She claimed that she would work "roots" to keep the thing from coming to her bedroom. We asked her if she caused it to be there, she denied it. We lived with this activity for a while but things got even worse.

My older siblings decided it was a good idea to play with a Ouija board. It was them and their best friend. They would ask the thing questions. It told them that it was a little boy that had died in the 1950s. They said that it was too witty to be a little kid. It would make really intelligent comments to them. It constantly wanted them to ask it a question. When they didn't ask fast enough it would spell out "L-A-L-A-L-A" like it was singing. They finally reached the question of how it died when it replied it never had been alive. They had enough of that so they stopped. But they had already done the damage. The crap had hit the fan. The activity had picked up a lot. My brother had found his pet mice that he breed for pet stores literally ripped apart. Items would be found smashed and broken. My brother's dresser was sent flying across his room while he was at school. Their rooms looked like a tornado had hit them. Clothes tore up and thrown across the room.

My mother was fed up with it. This one night, I slept in my parents room in my bed. I was about 3 or 4 at the time. I woke up and asked my parents if I could sleep in bed with them. I climbed out of my bed. I got in the bed with them. Things were calm until after I fell asleep. They said that they heard the thing stomp down the stairs and push open the bedroom door. It hopped on their bed. The weight of it almost knocked them out of the bed. It climbed into my bed and was walking around in it. My parents said that it sounded very heavy. It jumped out and disappeared. My parents were afraid to look up to see what it was. My mom practiced a bit of witch craft. She did things to keep it from entering their bedroom. My older brother was 18 and he was in the transition of moving out. My older sister was 15 or 16. My parents offered her the opportunity to move into their bedroom because things were more calm in there since my mom blocked it from entering there. She refused. She was too old to be sleeping in our parents bedroom. Well her refusal lead to her seeing the thing.

It was this one night. She was sleeping in her room. It was pitched black with the exception of the light from her stereo. She said that she heard something walking in her room. The thing stepped into the light of her stereo and she seen it. It was short, about 3 feet, dark, old looking, wrinkles, and large black eyes. Really sharp white teeth. It took a step towards her and she ran from her room and jumped down the stairs. She hurt herself in the process but she wanted to get away from it. She said the crazy thing about that situation was that she heard its footsteps running after her. She slept in my parents room until she hit 18 then she moved out.

The activity actually calmed down after my little sister was born.