Saturday, August 4, 2012

100% True Please Read If a Relative of Yours Passed Away ......- by Dylann Gerding

Well hello!! I'm Dylann and I am 10 years old! I want to let you know that some of your relatives that have passed away always loved you and always will. So, I tried out a Ouija board (wee-jee board) and a few months before our 12 year old bulldog, with brown fur, named Oliver passed away... :( And now let's skip back to the Ouija board. So me and my big sister Aaveri, and our best friend Taylor did it together. He said his name was Oliver and he was brown and was twelve years old. AMAZING! And we asked what it was like in heaven and if our other dogs who died were there to comfort him, and he said yes and then we asked if he watched over the family and again yes was the answer. Then he said he loved my sister and not me. I asked him why he did not love me and his answer was,"Because"............ I was crying all day and half the night, but I knew he loved me a little bit.... I sure did love him, more than infinity and beyond that.