Monday, April 16, 2012

Burning Light - by Sunil Murmu

Hi my name is Sunil Murmu, I live in Sidhgora Jamahedpur India. Many people had warned me that there was a ghost in my attic, but I didn't believe them because I hadn't experienced this kind of thing myself. That is until last night, when I was frightened by the same ghostly encounter.

Yesterday, April 14, 2012 at 11:15pm, my girlfriend called me. I didn't feel very comfortable talking to her in the house, so I went up into my attic, where I could feel more relaxed. After 8-9 minutes, I heard a sound like the playing of a voice recorder to my back. I looked behind me but nothing was there. I felt like something wasn't right, so I moved to the other side where I could see the entire attic, and from there I continued my conversation. After a period of time had elapsed, a point of light started burning from the center of the attic and traveled over to my side very quickly. I was so startled that I quickly ran from my attic.

I can't understand how this could be possible. Does anyone have an explanation?