Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Creepy Summer - by Dani

This summer started off like any other summer. It was the summer before my junior year, and my friends and I were just ready for some crazy fun. We spent most of the time together, especially me and my best friend Alyssa. Since our parents did not care about curfew, Alyssa and I would leave the house at anytime.

Upon leaving, we would always go the the park at an elementary school down the street from us. One night we found a cat. This cat was quite friendly towards us and we noticed that it was probably a stray because it was so skinny. We began to feed the cat every night around the same time at the park, and named it Snickers.

After a couple of weeks Alyssa and I were talking about ghosts, after watching Paranomal Activity. I mentioned how I had always wanted to use an Ouija board. To our misfortune, Alyssa's mom actually owned one and allowed us to borrow it.

Alyssa came to spend the night at my house and brought along the Ouija board. We waited until everyone was asleep and the house was quiet before we went to the living room. We lit two white candles and set them on both sides of us. We then place our hand on the mover and proceed to ask the normal expected questions.

Right before we decided to just give up we got a response. The mover moved to yes. We asked who was there and the answer was simply "B". We asked what their name was and the response was "B". We then asked the spirit what it's whole name is and it produced a sting of letters we couldn't decipher. We asked if it could prove to us they were really there. The answer was yes. I said "blow on this candle". Immediately after the flame began to flicker, while the other candle's flame stayed still. Keep in mind that the candles were neither close to Alyssa and I or any other source that could make the candle flicker.

Throughout our session we learned that "B" was a young boy, who had siblings still alive. We asked how he died and he simply said knife. We then ask who killed him, where he said his uncle. I taking had asked what his uncle's name is, and asked if "B" would like for me to find him. He gave me the name and said yes. I wrote it down and later did an internet search with no success. After awhile we began to become tired and asked if we could talk with "B" tomorrow. With the answer yes we said goodbye and the mover moved to goodbye.

The next day I told my friend London about our experience. She was very interested so I invited her to join. She accepted and that night she came to spend the night. Around ten it was time to bring Snickers food. We all headed to the park but when we arrived Snickers was gone. We pushed it aside an ignored it. We just went back to my house.

That night after everyone went to bed, we went and set up. We began by asking if "B" was present and after it moved to yes we began to ask the same questions as before. After awhile something weird began to happen. "B" became very hostile. He was not happy about London's presence, and when Alyssa asked if "B" wanted anyone dead, his answer was yes and she asked who and his response was... You.

I was alarmed by this and immediately asked if we were still talking to "B". The answer was not surprising, it was no. We asked who it was and the board started to spell. D. E. M. At this point I took my hand off the mover. O.N. I quickly said good bye and ended the session.

After that night weird things began to happen. Alyssa became very demonic, saying that she wanted to summon the demon and to witness its wrath. I told her that's not a good idea, and she told me she wanted to know how it felt to have your soul ripped from you. Lodon's pair of skull gloves that were under her bed we're folded neatly on her desk when she came home one day. Her mom said no one had been in her room. Alyssa after coming to my house, went home to find coke cans she had thrown away were placed upside down and arranged in a circle. Her family was at her grandma's all that day.

Late at night when I was in bed my door began to open and close. I just assumed it was the house shifting or the air conditioning. Until I turned the TV off and the door flew wide open and stayed that way. I was so scared I start to sing Jesus Loves Me until I fell asleep. When I woke up again the door was shut.

We continued to go to the park but we could never find Snickers. There was always an eerie feeling falling over the park now. One night when we went to hang, Snickers appeared but she wasn't the same. She was different. Creeping us out we began to just ignore her. She began to follow us one night, not wanting to take her to my house we began to run. When I look back I saw she was running too. The rest of the summer she would be anywhere I went, I referred to her as my stalker cat and tried to scare her off. She always stayed and was always giving off that eerie feeling.

The creepy things seemed to almost stop after I talked to a friend named Brian and he told me to put salt around the walls. But still to this day there's an occasional incident. Like a few weeks ago when my friend Sarah spent the night she said she could sense it and then my little brother began to tell her about the other person in the room. He made jumping movements.

I'm no longer friends with either London nor Alyssa. My two best friends and one day we just stopped talking. I was upset for months. I don't know if our loss of friendship has anything to do with the events that happened this summer or is because of something else. I haven't seen Snickers for a couple months. Maybe she died or was just tired of following me around. Maybe one day she'll show up again, I don't know. I do know though, that this summer was unlike any other and that my experience with "B" and this "demon" is enough to last me.