Monday, January 2, 2012

Haunted At Friend's House - by Rosie

So all my life I have had experiences with the paranormal and have experienced physical manifestations of otherworldly spirits numerous times. The first (and only) time I actually "saw" a spirit with my own two eyes was when I was six. Since then I have had many encounters. The most recent, happened less than a year ago. All of this is true, I have no reason to lie and am a professional person.

I live in a small city and my friend lived in a major city, about four hours away. On one of my weekends I booked flights to spend the weekend catching up with him and another friend. So I arrived Saturday morning and spent the day shopping till he finished work and we met up with his friend and all went back to his place that he shared with his dad who was overseas at the time and their room-mate who was also away at the time.

We sat around chatting till dinner time when we all decided to go out to the heart of the city for dinner and we left, but not before switching off every light in the house. I remember this specifically because my friend has a little dog and as a dog lover and someone who hates the dark I felt sorry for the poor little thing being all by herself in a big dark house when we were out.

We went out and had our dinner and returned and when we got back, the lounge room light was on. This was so strange it made my friend think that one of the house's other occupants must have come home early - because we definitely turned all lights off. But no one else was there. We kind of dismissed it and assumed we must have all forgotten that we left that light on.

So we were out on the back balcony chatting and listening to music through my friend's iPod hooked up to speakers. At one point we figured it was a bit late so we'd turn the music off. We kept chatting about an hour and then the music turned itself back on - this time my friend really thought the room-mate had returned because the iPod had actually been switched off. But no one else was in the house. We thought it was odd, but at that stage I didn't give it too much thought, I find logic always kicks in and you try and work out logical explanations for strange things when they happen.

So it got to about 3am and we decided to call it a night. I was tired and as it was a bit of a whirlwind trip and I'd only be getting about three hours sleep as I had to get up and get the plane home. So the guys both camped out in my friends room. I could have slept on the floor near them but I really wanted a good nights rest given the short sleep I'd be getting, so I opted to sleep in my friend's dad's bed in the room next door. My friends shut the door, but I kept mine open and we switched off all the lights.

As I lay there nodding off, I started to feel little rumbles as if the bed was shaking, just a bit. I again just ignored it. But then I heard sounds coming from the kitchen,light,muffled sounds like you'd hear if there was a small party or group of people just chatting away. There were no houses close enough to justify these sounds, so at this stage I started to figure there was something supernatural happening. But really, all I could think was every minute I was being kept awake by it all was time I wasn't getting for sleep. I'd normally have been a bit spooked at that point, but all I wanted was to get some rest. It was then the bed shaking kept happening, and little by little it was getting more forceful. I felt the furniture around the bed to see if it was the whole floor that was shaking but everything else was steady and still. It was then I heard footsteps coming from the doorway to the bed. I honestly could hear them, so I guessed it was my friend's dog or one of my friends because they were so clear. When I said something there was no response, so I assumed it was my friend's little dog as she loved sleeping near me. This was all happening very quickly and while I still heard the footsteps, I shone the light on my phone onto them and there was nothing there. Not only that, but my friend's bedroom door was still shut and even his dog was still in his room.

At this point, I wanted to wake my friend because I was getting scared, but I was worried they'd think I was silly so I went back to bed and tried to sleep. It was then that one of my friends got up to go to the bathroom and let his dog out of the room to come sleep in mine. She jumped up and I was glad to have her there.

The bed kept being rocked as if someone had the side of it and was pulling it back and forth. I eventually fell asleep. Then, I woke up to being this time violently shaken in the bed, as if the whole bed was moving. It was so intense I bolted upright and even the little dog was wondering what was going on. It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. It was so loud and forceful, the bed was banging against the wall. As I sat up it stopped. I was so tired, I calmed myself and went back to sleep.

Thankfully that was the last of it, but I hardly got any rest at all and almost missed my flight. I told my friends and they had a bit of a giggle, but did admit the light and the music creeped them both out. I am not sure what to make of it, but something strange definitely happened and I don't want to sleep there on my own ever again.