Sunday, December 9, 2012

Micheal the Incubus - by Bekah

I have a friend named Lola who told me one day that she has been having experiences with an incubus. She even knew his name!!!! His name is Micheal. I've done everything I can to help fact I think he's also haunting me now. One night, I was laying in bed and I felt..let's just put it at sexual things...happening to me. I actually could barely move for about 10 seconds. It was creepy. It happens almost every night. Lately I've heard things calling my name and tugging on my clothes in school. He even tries stuff with me in class! Lola told me she swore she heard Micheal whisper my name. She'd completely dropped her cereal box and bolted when she heard it. When I'm around other guys, I can feel him getting angry. I get chills up my back. He follows me and watches me 24/7. I can feel him. I see him with tan skin, green eyes, and flippy hair. When he's angry he's scary. I woke up one morning and there was a huge cut down my comforter. All I'm asking for is a little help. Anything that could be an answer. I beg you. Plz help Lola and I.

Demonic Tormenting - by Anonymous

Just want to share this part of my life, because I just feel like I need to tell this story. First I will tell you a little about myself. I am currently 18 years old and I have recently "came back to reality" after about a period of darkness. I was a junior in high school when I started to meet some of the wrong people. I was making tons of friends outside of school, who weren't in school. So I was beginning to be influenced by all these people. My grades began to drop dramatically and I was very withdrawn from my family. I come from a big family a family where no one does drugs and I really do feel blessed to have such an amazing family. So the fact that I was beginning to go to the wrong path was a horrible thing. Both of my parents are the first born children of their families, and I am the first born boy into the family, on both sides of my family, out of 18 cousins. So I am in a position where I have an influence over a ton of my cousins. I am a Native American (on my dad's side) and my great grandfather was the healer of the family. He was a chairman for Natives. When I was a child we had a ceremony where he said that when he dies I am going to be the healer of the family. He passed away when I was about 5 so I have been raised being told I would be very clairvoyant. I didn't ever really understand it growing up. Also another thing I feel like everyone should know about me is growing up; I had extremely bad night terrors where I would experience the presence of extremely malevolent entities. So I have always known what evil is like because I've been a target my whole life (as everyone is). My great grandfather explained how I cannot ever use drugs or be on any type of medications. For some reason this was emphasized. Growing up I was the centre of attention and I was always that "sacred" child. I was raised by many different family members, because my parents were 18 when they had me. So I was pretty much raised in the middle of the family rather than just by my parents. I just wanted to tell you all of this because I feel like this adds a lot of weight to the situation. Okay, Well as I said before I met a lot of the wrong people. I was just so curious, I couldn't resist myself. I began to use ecstasy, marijuana and drink frequently. I also began to do tons of designer drugs that nobody really knows what they are. Also I believe drugs basically make you extremely vulnerable to spirits, and can invite things into your life that you do not want there. Note that I was only 16 years old. I began to hang out with people who were in their 20's. I was going to parties a lot. I was skipping school and lying to my family. I would lie for money and all I wanted was to have "fun". This whole time I was basically numb. I had no clue what was going on! I was so vulnerable. I was always uneasy though as I remember. I remember one specific event that changed me. I was with my friend when I snuck out of my house. We walked to his house and began to do some drugs. We then had to leave the house for some reason. I think to meet up with another friend. We were walking and met up with whoever we needed to see. There was 5 of us and 2 people were sober and I was not that high (it was ecstasy). As we were walking back we were all perfectly fine, laughing and talking and having a good time being rowdy teenagers walking down the street at about 3 am. Next we all began to hear some blood curdling screams and cries a few blocks in front of us. The best way to explain what it sounded like is, a women being raped. You could even say it sounded like a women giving birth! But there was also something very weird about it because it sounded like a women crying out for help, then it was changing to a baby screaming, then a cat screaming. They were all very alarming sounds. It was the most horrific thing I have heard in my entire life time. We all went silent and stopped and stood in horror looking at each other to see if everyone else heard it. We all heard it. At the moment we all thought it was a women and her child, who were hurt by someone and then left on the sidewalk hurt and crying. That's the scenario that went through our minds. So there were 2 of us who wanted to go towards her to help, and the rest wanted to run the other way. I demanded we go help the person who needed help! So we all walked toward the sound, the sound was then getting extremely loud. We felt very close to her but we couldn't see her. Her screams began to get very intense as if she was being tortured, and the sounds were extremely disturbing and gross. This is when it began to scare us, when we felt like the noise was on top of us but we couldn't find her. Then it just abruptly stopped. Just like that, it quit when we felt like we were right next to it. When it stopped we were all swept with a feeling of extreme evil. I remember feeling almost every negative emotion, while feeling extremely filthy and disgusting, like I wanted to throw up. I remember looking at my friends' faces and they all had a look of horror on their faces also. We all just looked at each other, as if we were all mentally saying "Do you feel that too?" and then we all began to just run! We all knew it wasn't what we thought it was. This event pretty much killed the night and I was traumatized. For the next couple days I was with my friends and we experienced a lot of strange little happenings. Many of which were also experienced by other people also, who just happened to be there with us. Like strange noises, footsteps and stuff like that. The weird thing is I told my friend about the noise, and she doesn't do drugs or anything. She is a "normal" person and she is an extremely smart person (she's my girlfriend now). I told her that I hoped this didn't mean that someone in my family was going to die. About a month later, my great grandmother died. It was pretty horrible. Everything just seemed to crash and burn in my life right then. The thing is all of this bad stuff happening in my life didn't slow me down one bit. I continued to carry out my bad habits. Then came the summer time and the entire summer consisted of partying. I wouldn't come home on the weekends, and it was causing my parents extreme distress. Sometimes they would drive around looking for me. So summer flew by, and before I knew it is was senior year. I barely graduated high school. I slowed down a lot on partying and drugs. I stopped drugs in January of 2012. But I began using hallucinogens which was the worst choice I think I have ever made. I believe hallucinogens allow us to see more than we want to see in reality. It's like eating the apple of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. I wasn't using hallucinogens very often maybe once a month. July of 2012 I had calmed down quite a bit and wasn't partying or using any drugs at all, but I suddenly wanted to go to this thing called a Barter Faire. I live in Washington and our area is famous for these Barter Faires. People come from across the country to go to some of them. They are basically like woodstock. You come and trade art, food, drugs, and anything else you have for something someone else has. It is a huge hippie festival. I have always heard about them and thought it would be awesome to go to. I found out there was a small one not too far from where I lived. So I talked to some of my friends and they let me ride with them there. I was so excited because I thought it would be awesome as I love hippie culture. Boy was I wrong! We got there and it was night time. There were probably about 150 people there maybe more. I was very excited but nervous because I didn't know what to expect. We began to walk around and I immediately felt uncomfortable. The kind of people that were here were not "good people". We were deep in the woods away from any city and it was filled with hillbillies, sorry for using this word but that is the best I can describe them. These people were beyond anything that I have seen before. They almost didn't seem human. They were fiends for drugs and that's all they wanted. They were brainless. Some of them weren't even coherent, and they'd be so high they would basically fall asleep while standing. They reminded me of zombies and there were tons of them. People like them I look at them as in complete submission to Satan. They were empty vessels at which anything could come and go in their soul. I was beginning to get very scared. There was a huge bonfire with many people huddled around it playing drums, gazing into the fire. It was almost like they were worshiping the fire to me! There were even fire dancers, and people lying on the ground in random places. It was extremely filthy and there was junk everywhere. There were car skeletons all around and tents too! There were it seemed hundreds of tents! You could tell that some people lived here. As we were walking around there were all these stands selling various drugs, drugs of any kind! They had huge bags full of all these different coloured powders. Pretty much any drug you wanted was right there. These were the busiest parts of the place. People buying drugs like CRAZY. It scared me, because of how dirty it felt just to be in this environment. At one point I even noticed a pregnant women with her bare stomach hanging out holding alcohol and obviously high on drugs. I just wanted to stand by the big fire and not walk around. As I walked up to the fire I could hear a few people talking about how they had never seen me before, and why I was even here. They didn't even know me! And they knew I could hear them, they wanted me to hear! I just ignored them and stood there minding my own business, I felt extremely out of place for some reason. As if everyone could tell I was different and didn't belong there. A guy came up to me, and you could tell he hadn't groomed himself in a long time. He had a full beard and long hair. It was dirty and gross looking. He was covered in dirt and his clothes were basically rags. His eyes were half open as he came up to me asking me how I was. He started talking all this nonsense to me, as if his main motivation was to confuse me. I could tell he was doing this on purpose and he wouldn't go away. I felt very unsafe in front of him. He offered me some opium but I said no. After a bit I stopped answering him and he turned around and yelled "I can't find my friends here" to all of the people standing behind me. All the people began to shun me like I did something bad. Everyone glared at me, which was the last straw for me. I didn't want to stand there and feel humiliated. Then another guy came up to me who appeared to have a deformed arm and the side of his face was messed up. He was shaking extremely bad and started acting very happy to me. He began to tell me he took a handful of pills and now he looks like this. But the way he said it was as if he was lying or telling a story he knew wasn't true. It's hard to explain. He seemed like he was trying to trick me. He was trying to sway me to his viewpoint, I just don't get why. All these people were mocking me because I was more of a "city" person and they could all tell. This was like hillbilly hell and they were all ganging up on me. I then just walked to the car and locked myself in the car. I just wanted to sit in the car until it was over. I was starting to get extremely bad feelings, evil feelings. Feelings that were very mean. Like something hated me there, it was a lingering feeling. I told my friends I would was staying in the car the rest of the night. They begged me to come out and walk around but I wouldn't budge, so I stayed in the car for the rest of the night. For the entire night I was extremely uneasy, it was like a nightmare. Every once in a while one of the "zombies" would walk by the car. It was pretty much pitch black but there was a little bit of light from the moon. These "zombie people" would walk around in the darkness with their heads down, all alone. Some would walk with a limp. They looked like real Zombies! It was evident that it was the drugs making them act and look like a zombie. It was a very freaky sight. Most of these people that were there, that place was their life. Drugs were their life. That place, was their life. It was unimaginable to me! This is where it got really freaky for me. I was sitting in the back seat of the car and my friends were with me when we all heard a child screaming and crying. We were in the parking lot so there wasn't really anything around us except other cars. But the crying was so horrible. It sounded like a small child, who was being hurt really badly. We all heard it and listened to it clearly for about 30 minutes. One of my friends even wanted to go out and find the child. The small child was calling out for help, and screaming in pain. But it sounded so forced out, as if there was pain in the voice. The child would even shriek "I don't want to, I don't want to..." over and over again. Which is why it sounded like something was being done to this poor child. I don't know what it was and I don't want to. As I was sitting in the car I began to get a scared feeling like something bad was about to happen. I was so scared I started to feel light headed. I put my head down for a second. It didn't help at all, I thought it could have been the cigarette smoke. As I lifted my head my entire field of vision went black and I couldn't see anything. Then I saw an evil face, with about 10 eyes, and tons of teeth. The face looked like a red dragon; I remember it had dragon whiskers and everything. The eyes looked so mean and they were red, I remember the amount of red I was seeing was crazy! The face was snarling and it was looking right at me. The best way to describe this face is that it looked like a Chinese dragon. Those dragons you see at Chinese festivals. It even looked gargoyle-ish. It seemed as if it floated right towards me, right into me. It scared me so bad. My friends all were freaking out, asking me what was wrong. I didn't tell them what happened because they wouldn't have believed me. I was extremely frightened after that and I just wanted to leave. When the sun started to come up, we left. As the sun started to light the place up I started to see how filthy this place was. It was nasty. It was like a junkyard, I am not exaggerating. I was so relieved we left. I just wanted to be safe in my home. It was the most traumatizing thing I have experienced, in my life. I was full of fear. I got home and told my mom everything. She was looking at me in horror of what I had seen. She believed everything I said. She then told me that it was probably, a cult. It is kind of a farfetched idea but it made sense to me when I thought about it. The drugs that were being sold, and the fee you had to pay to get in is all just money for them. Let me tell you that this place is in no way official at all. It is deep in the middle of the woods on the top of a mountain. It is private property so authority is not allowed there. So basically we have no clue who is in charge of it or what they really are. It is just a place people know where to go to get drugs. My mom could tell I was truly scared and so could a bunch of people in my family. After this experience I knew exactly why I was raised the way I was. I knew what I was raised not to experience was everything I just experienced. Everything made complete sense. I just understood my parents teachings, and I felt so appreciative. Ok so this was in July, and for the next couple months I wouldn't leave the house. I would sleep all day and I was always scared. I would have so many negative feelings. There was darkness in my mind. I would see entities everywhere. They would manifest everywhere around me all the time. I just felt horrible. I became depressed and hopeless. My family said they have never seen me like this before. I wouldn't let my girlfriend see me for about a month. I just felt so alone, and so scared constantly. I would also have nightmares. I don't know how to explain the things that I saw. But I would see negative energy all around me floating through the air. Like a fog. It would move and interact with me. These little clouds of fog would bend light like water does. They would distort whatever images were behind them. They were extremely cold and they were always in my room. Sometimes they would even turn blackish, or an indigo colour. I eventually told my grandma about all of this and I began to open up finally. This was in about September 2012 and I was finally wanting to get out of this fog I had been in. I began to pray to be healed and cleansed; I started to get better every day. I would feel less and less scared everyday. I would feel such a free feeling. I started to read the Bible also. I started to get my head back in order. November 2012, I am almost completely fine. I am leaving the house again, and actually coming back to life. I cannot believe that I got sucked that far down by the evil. I now know true evil exists. I know that I need to be more careful with what I am doing with myself. I have experienced this evil first hand. It may not sound like much through text, but words cannot really explain the horrors of true evil. I believe I was the victim of a demon, or maybe even a couple. Who knows where or when I picked it up. But I believe it was a series of events that led up to what happened to me. The evil manifested itself in my life so slowly, over the time period of about 2 years. I just felt I needed to share this story. I Would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this. Thanks for Reading my story.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creepy Lights - by Heather

Hi. My name is Heather and this is my ghost story. My family friend that I thought of as a grandma had cancer. Then, sadly, she passed away in July of this year (2012). I was devastated. I have known her all my life. She made me into a Christian and go to God. It all started the day I found out she died. It was in July after my friend went home from spending the night at my house. I checked my Facebook and I saw my sister messaged me. I checked and she said that my grandmother died. I logged off and ran to my room crying. Then, that night, I was in bed. Then, all of a sudden, I felt someone touch my leg. I jumped and said," Who's there?" No response. I was terrified. So I finally went to sleep and I was dreaming about my grandmother. She told me," Heather, I know you miss me and don't worry. I'm fine. Believe in Jesus and His faith. I love you." Then everything was fine.... until today.(November 20, 2012) I was home alone and I was talking to my BFF. My dog was next to me and my bearded dragon was in his tank. All of a sudden, I saw a skinny white light shoot up from the floor to the ceiling. I was so scared. I screamed and I was freaking out. My friend told me to forget about it. So I did. Then I saw a ghostly figure in the doorway after 10 minutes. I screamed again and my heart was racing I was so scared. So my friend told me I was seeing stuff. I laughed at it and continued to talk to her. So after 2 hours, my friend called me back and we were talking. I went upstairs with my dog and then I saw a blue light next to the bathroom. So I was scared again and then my friend told me she had that same experience and she had no explanation for it. Now I'm sitting here, typing on my phone, and waiting for my mom to get home. Hope you liked my story!

Spirit With White Face - by Anonymous

I have had an experience of a hooded / cloaked figure with a haunting, all-white visage. I have been noticing odd things for a while now. The eyes are large and diamond shaped, with the tiniest beaded eyes. The mouth is a gaping maw that seems as if it could stretch and stretch and stretch and engulf you. There is a nose, a forehead, and a jaw / chin. I recently purchased an iPhone 5 and last morning I woke up and went to the toilet with my phone. I was scrolling through the pics and I saw what I have described to you. That night before the morning when I saw the pic, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep even though I take sleeping pills and have been sleeping great for the last month. I sleep on my bed right next to the bathroom. It's around a corner from where I sleep and I felt a presence waiting there. Link to the pic. Now, this is not only me. I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, NINE friends or acquaintances that have experienced something in my house or room specifically. Some experienced the same phenomena while others experienced different phenomena. I have heard one of my housemates calling me from my room. He yelled "ayyyye!" Trying to get my attention and it also happens to be one of his catchphrases. I walked into my empty, lit room, and saw nothing. I walk downstairs and see that housemate and ask him if he just yelled. He said no. This is one of the weaker stories as I could have been hearing things and I even doubt that I heard it. But I still think I could have been called. Also, I was the only one upstairs at the time and when I heard the call I knew it was for me. End of story one. Second story I actually wasn't present for. My friends from college were chilling in my room and I have a whiteboard that sits atop a bookshelf. I leaned it at about a 30 degree angle with the bookshelf and it was touching the wall, picture a ladder. Well, two of these friends say that the white board flipped its top and fell off. They say all of the doors and windows were closed, no draft. I am an engineer in training and from the classes I have taken I can say that things like this should not happen. Ever. A force had to have been applied to the top of the whiteboard, the part touching the wall, in order to give it a CW motion. Please note that while leaning against this wall, if the wall were to disappear, the whiteboard would have fallen with a CCW motion. This story could also be false, prior to loading this $16 Target bookshelf, it was very wobbly. When loaded it was rather stable though. Things like these are always the most convincing to me. A force had to be applied. There is no other way. I just don't know what did it. End of this story. Third story, I was present in my house, but not at the correct place. An acquaintance that I had recently met was in my house. We have a two-story house with the staircase near the front door. He was walking up the stairs with one of my other friends in front of him. They were headed to my room. Then, my friend says the acquaintance promptly turned around and walked back downstairs. Asked about it later by friend, acquaintance says that he had a bad feeling and felt a presence. End of story three. Story four. In my room, three or four friends were chillin. I was not there. The center of our master bedroom, which I share with a friend, is about 10-15 feet from the center of our bathroom. I guess I have to say here that we are smokers and over a period of time broke one or more of the glass pieces to our water pipe (lawl). Anyways, three or four friends say that they all heard glass shatter in the bathroom while they were all in the bedroom. The windows and doors were closed. When I heard this story I asked if it could have been a noise from outside. They all said no. End of story four. Story five. It was a friend, my roommate, and I in my room. We were just chillin. Now, a phone starts to ring. All three of us have phones yet my phone was nowhere near where we heard the ring from. The ringer was the same ringer as my roommate, yet it was not his phone. I will say my roomie didn't hear the sound, however he was playing an online video game (League of Legends). The only other thing of note for this story is that it did indeed end up not being any of our phones and the location that I heard the ring from is the foot of my roomies bed. Around the same spot I believe the pic was taken. End of story five. Story six. Yesterday I was walking around my house downstairs. I was in the kitchen drinking water. There is a little walkway leading to and from the kitchen that leads to another of my housemates rooms / bathroom. As I was leaving the kitchen and walking through this walkway towards his place, I hear, "PSSSSSST!" I walk towards the sound and sense nothing. This was near our closet under the stairs. I asked everyone home if they said it or heard it and all denied. End of story six. Story seven. Last night a roommate was studying with a friend in the kitchen. Our dining room table is less than ten feet from our washer. This friend told me that she heard the washer turn on twice by itself. I checked the washer and asked if they messed with it and they said no. The dial was in the off position and it must be pulled to initiate. Inside the washer were two clothing items, a black sock and a black shirt. End of story seven. This story will be kind of less than a story. We have all been seeing things. Out of the corners of our eyes, of course. Shadows, objects, human-like shapes. Two of my housemates get their hair cut at a local barbershop. In the middle of the day, they both saw something. A small, shadowy figure darting across an alleyway downtown at high speed. Neither of them could identify what they saw. End of story eight. Story nine. Once again, not really a story but two days ago I tried speaking to the spirit telling it to reveal itself. The next morning I saw the pic. End of story nine. I feel like I'm missing a few. If I remember them I will update. Story ten. Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping because I just couldn't fall asleep and I had a nightmare also. I was being possessed and made to do things I didn't want to do. Specifically, I felt like I was walking toward dangerous beings. Yes, more than one. However, at different times, or "possessions." End of story ten. Story eleven. This is the weakest story. Last night when I had trouble sleeping I also was hearing an owl hooting outside in our backyard for at least an hour. This is the first time I have heard an owl in this house and I have lived here for a year and a four months now. I didn't see the owl and I have no idea what species it was, but I looked up owls this morning and found barn owls. The face of a barn owl is quite similar to the face in the picture. With differences. The eyes of the owls are almost all black, the spirit's are almost entirely white. Also the owls foreheads are too small and the nose and jaw are not pronounced enough. The gaping maw is also a difference, however I didn't see a pic of owls with their mouths open. End of all stories. This is serious. I don't know if I believe it but things have been odd lately. I told it to go away and to stop contacting me and I've been alone lately. Any advice from people with experience or any comments are welcome.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scratches? - by Anonymous

Ok so it was just me and my mom at home alone with my cat. When we were all out in the living room. My mom and I were watching tv when I turn and look at her, her and my cat were staring at my bedroom door. I asked her what was wrong and she said she heard something move in my room. I kept asking her what she thought it was and that's all she said. So I went to open my door and nothing was in there and my cat went running into the room ahead of me and so I picked him up and walked out. Then when I sat down I had two big scratch marks on my inner thigh but near the back and my mom said it could have been Fred, the cat, but I know it wasn't cause he never came close to scratching me, especially in that place. They were distant and my mom asked me if it stings and I said yes and it was really red. She said the redness was going down and so that meant it just happened. I don't really know what to make of this but through out my life I've always had strange things happen like ghostly to me and no one believes me and they make fun of me saying I see things and hear things but, it wouldn't carry on that long.

My Grandfather's Message-2 - by Anonymous

It was almost a year after I had witnessed my Grandfather speaking to me and my Grandmother suiciding. I had moved into a new locality and a new high school. I hadn't told anybody about the whispers one year back but the incident remains fresh in my mind. On the night of my Grandfather's death anniversary, I lay in bed awake. My Grandmother had left to Kashi to visit my Grandfathers' brother and five sisters, and my boyfriend and me were staying in my Grandfather's ansectral home. The windows were closed and the A/C on, because summers can get very hot. Derek, my boyfriend had gone to sleep long back but I was still tossing and turning. Suddenly, I heard somebody banging on the window in the living room. I stepped into the hall and realized it was sixteen minutes into midnight. I felt a shiver as I felt a wierd sense of deja vu.The pounding became louder and abruptly stopped when I touched the glass. But when my hand left it, it pounded again. I opened the window to find nobody there. I turned around to go but the pounding started again. I opened and closed it hard with frustration. this sound must have awoken Derek because he opened the door and stood there, surveying the scene to see what was wrong. I made him go back in and went and joined him. I forgot the incident soon after. The next day, all the neighbours poured in, much to our confusion. They had seen a murderer lurking around and the man had been frightened away when somebody banged the window hard. My Grandfather had saved us yet again.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fisherman's Cottage - by Lewis Letzer

It was almost a week after my 12th birthday when we moved into a small Victorian cottage where I had my terrifying experiences.

Well it all started when my mum bought a new wardrobe for my room from the auction. We took it home and I put it in my room. When I went to bed that night I was woken up several times by banging and scratching from underneath the wardrobe. I first thought it was my pet hamster, which has often escaped, so I went over to the cage. The hamster was asleep so I went over and looked underneath the wardrobe and realized there was nothing underneath there, so I went back to bed.

A few weeks later we decided I needed a new carpet because my carpet was tacky, so we went into town and purchased a carpet. When my mum's friend fitted it there was a small trapdoor under where my wardrobe was. I immediately thought of the banging and scratching that I heard that night. This made me very scared, so I stopped my mum and dad from going down there and begged them to board it up, so they nailed a sheet of plywood over the trap door. This reassured me that no one could get in, or more importantly get out.

That night I made a diary about what was going on in the house, but as I was writing the days passage I heard another bang. I was so disappointed that this was happening again, so I yelled, "GO AWAY YOU STUPID THING!" When my mum came down stairs and asked me what was going on, I said it was fine, I was just talking to myself. She came over and sat on my bed and gave me a hug. As she was about to leave there was three bangs. These were the most violent bangs I had heard because I saw the wardrobe shake. My mum was shaking, she walked over to the wardrobe and opened it and there were cracks in the bottom of the wood.

This is one of many things that happened in my house. After 2 years of ghost sightings, banging, scratching, footsteps, creaking, and talking, we moved to a modern council house and there were no ghosts since.

Lewis Letzer 14 years old

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Grandfather's Message - by Anonymous

When my grandfather died, the whole house was set into mourning. My Grandmother refused to bury him or even let him go. When midnight fell, we were forced to give her sleeping pills, because she was trying to kill herself with a blade. She immediately fell asleep, and we buried his corpse in the backyard. I stayed over, for keeping her company, and after checking that everything was in order, I went to bed. Sixteen minutes into midnight, I was woken up by the sound of footsteps. I cautiously went into the hall, and saw... nothing. The hall was innocently empty. I was about to turn, when I saw blood streaking out of my grandmother's room. I ran in there, and I saw her wrists slit open, and her blood all over the bed and floor. I called an ambulance, and my mum and dad, and after she was safely taken into the ICU, I heard a whispered 'Thank You...." into my ear. To this day I don't know whether that was my imagination, or my grandfather's soul speaking to me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ouija Boards and Strange Creatures - by Bree H

I've always had paranormal activity in my life. I never really spoke about it because most people find the subject of anything paranormal taboo. The first house that I grew up in was a green two-story house. The activity wasn't really scary. It would do the normal little things. If someone sat an item down, it would go missing. The item would magically turn up in the same spot about 10 minutes later. It wasn't uncommon for someone to see shadows walking by and there would be footsteps when no one was awake or if you were alone in the house. I have two siblings that are older than me. I have an older sister that is 13 years older than me. I have a brother that is two to three years older than my older sister.

The green house was getting cramped so my father thought that it was a good idea to buy a bigger house for our family. He found a two-story white house that was slightly bigger. He met with the woman that was selling the house and she offered to sell it to him for really cheap. My father told me that he never really questioned why it was so cheap and why she was in a hurry to sell it. It was a deal, why not? Well we had activity happening in this house. Stuff would go missing. Our pictures hung up on the wall would be hanging upside down. A sobriety medal with the Lord's prayer would end up in the fish tank. We'd get this really strange smell that would only happen every year around October. It wasn't the sewer. This would happen right around the same time each year. Things got so bad that we had to talk with the woman that sold the house. She's from Haiti. She claimed that she would work "roots" to keep the thing from coming to her bedroom. We asked her if she caused it to be there, she denied it. We lived with this activity for a while but things got even worse.

My older siblings decided it was a good idea to play with a Ouija board. It was them and their best friend. They would ask the thing questions. It told them that it was a little boy that had died in the 1950s. They said that it was too witty to be a little kid. It would make really intelligent comments to them. It constantly wanted them to ask it a question. When they didn't ask fast enough it would spell out "L-A-L-A-L-A" like it was singing. They finally reached the question of how it died when it replied it never had been alive. They had enough of that so they stopped. But they had already done the damage. The crap had hit the fan. The activity had picked up a lot. My brother had found his pet mice that he breed for pet stores literally ripped apart. Items would be found smashed and broken. My brother's dresser was sent flying across his room while he was at school. Their rooms looked like a tornado had hit them. Clothes tore up and thrown across the room.

My mother was fed up with it. This one night, I slept in my parents room in my bed. I was about 3 or 4 at the time. I woke up and asked my parents if I could sleep in bed with them. I climbed out of my bed. I got in the bed with them. Things were calm until after I fell asleep. They said that they heard the thing stomp down the stairs and push open the bedroom door. It hopped on their bed. The weight of it almost knocked them out of the bed. It climbed into my bed and was walking around in it. My parents said that it sounded very heavy. It jumped out and disappeared. My parents were afraid to look up to see what it was. My mom practiced a bit of witch craft. She did things to keep it from entering their bedroom. My older brother was 18 and he was in the transition of moving out. My older sister was 15 or 16. My parents offered her the opportunity to move into their bedroom because things were more calm in there since my mom blocked it from entering there. She refused. She was too old to be sleeping in our parents bedroom. Well her refusal lead to her seeing the thing.

It was this one night. She was sleeping in her room. It was pitched black with the exception of the light from her stereo. She said that she heard something walking in her room. The thing stepped into the light of her stereo and she seen it. It was short, about 3 feet, dark, old looking, wrinkles, and large black eyes. Really sharp white teeth. It took a step towards her and she ran from her room and jumped down the stairs. She hurt herself in the process but she wanted to get away from it. She said the crazy thing about that situation was that she heard its footsteps running after her. She slept in my parents room until she hit 18 then she moved out.

The activity actually calmed down after my little sister was born.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

100% True Please Read If a Relative of Yours Passed Away ......- by Dylann Gerding

Well hello!! I'm Dylann and I am 10 years old! I want to let you know that some of your relatives that have passed away always loved you and always will. So, I tried out a Ouija board (wee-jee board) and a few months before our 12 year old bulldog, with brown fur, named Oliver passed away... :( And now let's skip back to the Ouija board. So me and my big sister Aaveri, and our best friend Taylor did it together. He said his name was Oliver and he was brown and was twelve years old. AMAZING! And we asked what it was like in heaven and if our other dogs who died were there to comfort him, and he said yes and then we asked if he watched over the family and again yes was the answer. Then he said he loved my sister and not me. I asked him why he did not love me and his answer was,"Because"............ I was crying all day and half the night, but I knew he loved me a little bit.... I sure did love him, more than infinity and beyond that.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Quality Inn, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri - by Zephyrus

This weekend I was at the place in the title, room number 125. In the bedside drawer is the start of a series of notes "DON'T READ THE NOTES," that's how it starts. The first is in the bedside drawer, each one the handwriting gets more and more scribbled and violent, you start hearing noises and seeing things and it just gets worse and worse. I'm too afraid to explain because it followed us home. I don't know how many there are because we stopped before the end and checked out. I don't think we'll ever return to there or lake of the Ozarks again, please don't try this, don't be brave. He can be anywhere at any time and he will enjoy torturing new victims. I think he's even influenced me to write this message DON'T GO IN THIS ROOM. If you absolutely have to, at least avoid the notes, don't open the drawers, don't start his quest, that's when he has you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Door and Gun Movement - by Gabriella Medford

So, up until this year, I didn't really believe in the paranormal. I was cleaning my mother's bathroom as a Mother's day present. I had the door locked so she couldn't get in and it would be a surprise. I was cleaning the sink when I heard a door handle turn. I went over and the door had opened by itself. I tried to turn the door knob and it wouldn't budge. I closed the door again and left it unlocked. Later that evening at supper, my dad asked who had touched his gun. We all sat there confused. None of us had touched it. His 9 millimeter pistol had been removed from the safe and laid out where he could see it. I realized that where he had found it laying was less than 10 feet from the bathroom door that had moved itself. I haven't had any reoccurring incidents since with the bathroom door, but I have noticed that when I close my bedroom door there is a loud knock. I always open the door to find nothing there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Burning Light - by Sunil Murmu

Hi my name is Sunil Murmu, I live in Sidhgora Jamahedpur India. Many people had warned me that there was a ghost in my attic, but I didn't believe them because I hadn't experienced this kind of thing myself. That is until last night, when I was frightened by the same ghostly encounter.

Yesterday, April 14, 2012 at 11:15pm, my girlfriend called me. I didn't feel very comfortable talking to her in the house, so I went up into my attic, where I could feel more relaxed. After 8-9 minutes, I heard a sound like the playing of a voice recorder to my back. I looked behind me but nothing was there. I felt like something wasn't right, so I moved to the other side where I could see the entire attic, and from there I continued my conversation. After a period of time had elapsed, a point of light started burning from the center of the attic and traveled over to my side very quickly. I was so startled that I quickly ran from my attic.

I can't understand how this could be possible. Does anyone have an explanation?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Creepy Summer - by Dani

This summer started off like any other summer. It was the summer before my junior year, and my friends and I were just ready for some crazy fun. We spent most of the time together, especially me and my best friend Alyssa. Since our parents did not care about curfew, Alyssa and I would leave the house at anytime.

Upon leaving, we would always go the the park at an elementary school down the street from us. One night we found a cat. This cat was quite friendly towards us and we noticed that it was probably a stray because it was so skinny. We began to feed the cat every night around the same time at the park, and named it Snickers.

After a couple of weeks Alyssa and I were talking about ghosts, after watching Paranomal Activity. I mentioned how I had always wanted to use an Ouija board. To our misfortune, Alyssa's mom actually owned one and allowed us to borrow it.

Alyssa came to spend the night at my house and brought along the Ouija board. We waited until everyone was asleep and the house was quiet before we went to the living room. We lit two white candles and set them on both sides of us. We then place our hand on the mover and proceed to ask the normal expected questions.

Right before we decided to just give up we got a response. The mover moved to yes. We asked who was there and the answer was simply "B". We asked what their name was and the response was "B". We then asked the spirit what it's whole name is and it produced a sting of letters we couldn't decipher. We asked if it could prove to us they were really there. The answer was yes. I said "blow on this candle". Immediately after the flame began to flicker, while the other candle's flame stayed still. Keep in mind that the candles were neither close to Alyssa and I or any other source that could make the candle flicker.

Throughout our session we learned that "B" was a young boy, who had siblings still alive. We asked how he died and he simply said knife. We then ask who killed him, where he said his uncle. I taking had asked what his uncle's name is, and asked if "B" would like for me to find him. He gave me the name and said yes. I wrote it down and later did an internet search with no success. After awhile we began to become tired and asked if we could talk with "B" tomorrow. With the answer yes we said goodbye and the mover moved to goodbye.

The next day I told my friend London about our experience. She was very interested so I invited her to join. She accepted and that night she came to spend the night. Around ten it was time to bring Snickers food. We all headed to the park but when we arrived Snickers was gone. We pushed it aside an ignored it. We just went back to my house.

That night after everyone went to bed, we went and set up. We began by asking if "B" was present and after it moved to yes we began to ask the same questions as before. After awhile something weird began to happen. "B" became very hostile. He was not happy about London's presence, and when Alyssa asked if "B" wanted anyone dead, his answer was yes and she asked who and his response was... You.

I was alarmed by this and immediately asked if we were still talking to "B". The answer was not surprising, it was no. We asked who it was and the board started to spell. D. E. M. At this point I took my hand off the mover. O.N. I quickly said good bye and ended the session.

After that night weird things began to happen. Alyssa became very demonic, saying that she wanted to summon the demon and to witness its wrath. I told her that's not a good idea, and she told me she wanted to know how it felt to have your soul ripped from you. Lodon's pair of skull gloves that were under her bed we're folded neatly on her desk when she came home one day. Her mom said no one had been in her room. Alyssa after coming to my house, went home to find coke cans she had thrown away were placed upside down and arranged in a circle. Her family was at her grandma's all that day.

Late at night when I was in bed my door began to open and close. I just assumed it was the house shifting or the air conditioning. Until I turned the TV off and the door flew wide open and stayed that way. I was so scared I start to sing Jesus Loves Me until I fell asleep. When I woke up again the door was shut.

We continued to go to the park but we could never find Snickers. There was always an eerie feeling falling over the park now. One night when we went to hang, Snickers appeared but she wasn't the same. She was different. Creeping us out we began to just ignore her. She began to follow us one night, not wanting to take her to my house we began to run. When I look back I saw she was running too. The rest of the summer she would be anywhere I went, I referred to her as my stalker cat and tried to scare her off. She always stayed and was always giving off that eerie feeling.

The creepy things seemed to almost stop after I talked to a friend named Brian and he told me to put salt around the walls. But still to this day there's an occasional incident. Like a few weeks ago when my friend Sarah spent the night she said she could sense it and then my little brother began to tell her about the other person in the room. He made jumping movements.

I'm no longer friends with either London nor Alyssa. My two best friends and one day we just stopped talking. I was upset for months. I don't know if our loss of friendship has anything to do with the events that happened this summer or is because of something else. I haven't seen Snickers for a couple months. Maybe she died or was just tired of following me around. Maybe one day she'll show up again, I don't know. I do know though, that this summer was unlike any other and that my experience with "B" and this "demon" is enough to last me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spirits Taunting and Attacking Me - by Noel4349 Luciano

Hi my name is Noel. I know that the story I am about to tell may seem a little crazy and sometimes I think I am going crazy, but it really happened. I am just looking for anyone else who has had a similar experience.

I live in an apartment with my fiance and our 5 year old son. Not long after we moved into this apartment I started to become very depressed. We lived in the apartment above the one we do now for about a year, I have never been one to be depressed. I have always been on top of everything, very neat and organized, my son is my world. Since the day he was born I would take him for a long walk every day in the summer. I spent my whole day playing with him, taking him to the park, etc...

Not long after we moved downstairs I started to become very depressed, very slowly I just stopped doing my every day routine. It has gotten to a point where I will lay in bed all day, I have no energy or ambition to do anything more than what I have to do. My fiance has seen a very big change in me, he asks me all the time what the hell happened to me. I can't give him a good reason on why I have turned into the person I am today. No matter how much I try to shake the feeling of depression I can't. My doctor has put me on meds but they make my depression even worse so I stopped taking them.

I have a very hard time falling asleep and once I am woken up by something, I can't get back to sleep no matter how hard I try. My fiance gets up every morning at 5 am. Once that alarm goes off I am awake and can't get back to sleep. After a few months of moving in this apartment I would lay in bed and try to get back to sleep after being woken by the alarm clock. I would lay there and after a while I would feel what felt like someone was bouncing on my bed, so I would sit up but there was nothing there. Every time I lay back down the bouncing would start again, most of the time I would get up and go lay on the couch in the living room but as soon as I closed my eyes it started again. For months it was as if something was just taunting me, it never went any further than the bouncing. A few months ago I was laying in bed trying to get back to sleep, I lay in the same spot for about 20 minutes, I then rolled over. It was as if there was someone just watching me, and as soon as I rolled over I felt the thumping on my bed. It had been a while since the last time I had felt it so my first thought was that my dog was trying to get up on the bed. Our dog is only a puppy and at the time she had a hard time getting on the bed, so I thought it was her,, but I knew that my fiance put her in her cage when he left, so she wouldn't chew on things while I was sleeping. Her cage is to the left of my bed so I pushed myself up and went to turn my head to see if she was in her cage, but before I was able to turn my head I was attacked. I was pushed face first into my pillow, I couldn't move or speak. This experience was as if I was dreaming. I heard a woman say my name in a scratchy voice, I couldn't see her face just her arms and body, she lifted me up in the air, however I was not in my bedroom anymore, I was in my living room. The women told me in these exact words, "Noel I can pick you up and slam you down." I was scared to death begging her to put me down. This lasted only a few minutes and before I knew it I was back in my bed. I sat up and looked around my room, I looked at my sheets and blanket to see if they were pulled off my bed, but everything was just as it should have been. My dog was in her cage whining like she was scared of whatever was in my room. I know I was not sleeping before this had happened, so I wonder if a spirit is able to show you what they can do to you by making you think it's a dream. I have never been so scared in my life.

After we moved into this apartment our landlord told us that his mother died in our living room. That morning I called him and asked him what his mother sounded like, what she died from, and if she was depressed before she died. He described her voice and I knew right then that it was her talking to me. He also told me she died of lung cancer, which would explain the scratchy voice. He also told me she was very sad and depressed before she died, she was very ill from the chemo. So I now wonder if her presence is in this house, and I am picking up on how she felt before she died. I don't know if it's possible for that to happen and wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like this. I know that I was not sleeping when she attacked me, I had gotten up that morning to make my fiance's lunch while he was getting ready for work, before I went back to bed and tried to fall asleep. Since then I have felt her pin me down but nothing like what I just described. I have learned to just let it happen and wait for it to pass. Sometimes I wonder if a spirit can sense your fear and feed off it, so I am not afraid anymore. If anyone has ever experienced this please let me know. Please feel free to contact me

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Woman in the Kitchen - by Kristen Horning

When I was about five or six years old, my family was living in an old, beautiful two story house in a very quiet neighborhood. I'd known something about me was different. I knew this because of the trauma I suffered when I was two years old. My mother had passed away, but I would see her every morning and every night, as though she were still there. I'd been told stories by my grandmother, however, that when she would be outside talking to the neighbors, I would be standing under the tree in the front yard, talking away to someone who wasn't there.

There are few things I remember about my childhood, but there is one experience I will never forget. I was about six at the time, and I had woken up one morning, hearing commotion in the kitchen as though my grandma was making breakfast. I could smell the bacon, eggs, and biscuits cooking, so I got right up and ran downstairs. To my surprise, there was a lady I'd never seen before in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

She had spoken to me, "Good morning, Kristen."

She'd said my name as if she knew me.

I had run back upstairs and woke up my grandmother, yelling "Oma! Oma! There's a lady in the kitchen! Who is she?"

We had made our way back downstairs. The smell of breakfast was gone, and when we looked in the kitchen, every pot and every pan was back in it's rightful place.

Two or three years had passed, and we still couldn't figure out who - - or what - - I had seen in the kitchen. That is, until my grandma and I began going through some old photographs of the family. She had pulled out a photograph, and I knew right then.

"That's the woman I saw in the kitchen." I had said to my grandmother. "That's her!"

As it turns out, the woman I'd seen was my grandmother's mother, or my great-grandmother. She had passed away before I was even born. We still can't figure out why she would have been in the kitchen that day, or why I was the only one who'd seen her. But it is a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Haunted At Friend's House - by Rosie

So all my life I have had experiences with the paranormal and have experienced physical manifestations of otherworldly spirits numerous times. The first (and only) time I actually "saw" a spirit with my own two eyes was when I was six. Since then I have had many encounters. The most recent, happened less than a year ago. All of this is true, I have no reason to lie and am a professional person.

I live in a small city and my friend lived in a major city, about four hours away. On one of my weekends I booked flights to spend the weekend catching up with him and another friend. So I arrived Saturday morning and spent the day shopping till he finished work and we met up with his friend and all went back to his place that he shared with his dad who was overseas at the time and their room-mate who was also away at the time.

We sat around chatting till dinner time when we all decided to go out to the heart of the city for dinner and we left, but not before switching off every light in the house. I remember this specifically because my friend has a little dog and as a dog lover and someone who hates the dark I felt sorry for the poor little thing being all by herself in a big dark house when we were out.

We went out and had our dinner and returned and when we got back, the lounge room light was on. This was so strange it made my friend think that one of the house's other occupants must have come home early - because we definitely turned all lights off. But no one else was there. We kind of dismissed it and assumed we must have all forgotten that we left that light on.

So we were out on the back balcony chatting and listening to music through my friend's iPod hooked up to speakers. At one point we figured it was a bit late so we'd turn the music off. We kept chatting about an hour and then the music turned itself back on - this time my friend really thought the room-mate had returned because the iPod had actually been switched off. But no one else was in the house. We thought it was odd, but at that stage I didn't give it too much thought, I find logic always kicks in and you try and work out logical explanations for strange things when they happen.

So it got to about 3am and we decided to call it a night. I was tired and as it was a bit of a whirlwind trip and I'd only be getting about three hours sleep as I had to get up and get the plane home. So the guys both camped out in my friends room. I could have slept on the floor near them but I really wanted a good nights rest given the short sleep I'd be getting, so I opted to sleep in my friend's dad's bed in the room next door. My friends shut the door, but I kept mine open and we switched off all the lights.

As I lay there nodding off, I started to feel little rumbles as if the bed was shaking, just a bit. I again just ignored it. But then I heard sounds coming from the kitchen,light,muffled sounds like you'd hear if there was a small party or group of people just chatting away. There were no houses close enough to justify these sounds, so at this stage I started to figure there was something supernatural happening. But really, all I could think was every minute I was being kept awake by it all was time I wasn't getting for sleep. I'd normally have been a bit spooked at that point, but all I wanted was to get some rest. It was then the bed shaking kept happening, and little by little it was getting more forceful. I felt the furniture around the bed to see if it was the whole floor that was shaking but everything else was steady and still. It was then I heard footsteps coming from the doorway to the bed. I honestly could hear them, so I guessed it was my friend's dog or one of my friends because they were so clear. When I said something there was no response, so I assumed it was my friend's little dog as she loved sleeping near me. This was all happening very quickly and while I still heard the footsteps, I shone the light on my phone onto them and there was nothing there. Not only that, but my friend's bedroom door was still shut and even his dog was still in his room.

At this point, I wanted to wake my friend because I was getting scared, but I was worried they'd think I was silly so I went back to bed and tried to sleep. It was then that one of my friends got up to go to the bathroom and let his dog out of the room to come sleep in mine. She jumped up and I was glad to have her there.

The bed kept being rocked as if someone had the side of it and was pulling it back and forth. I eventually fell asleep. Then, I woke up to being this time violently shaken in the bed, as if the whole bed was moving. It was so intense I bolted upright and even the little dog was wondering what was going on. It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. It was so loud and forceful, the bed was banging against the wall. As I sat up it stopped. I was so tired, I calmed myself and went back to sleep.

Thankfully that was the last of it, but I hardly got any rest at all and almost missed my flight. I told my friends and they had a bit of a giggle, but did admit the light and the music creeped them both out. I am not sure what to make of it, but something strange definitely happened and I don't want to sleep there on my own ever again.