Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Life - by Summer Lynn

Ever since I can remember, I've been able to sense or see things. The first time it happened I was about 4 or maybe older. I was in the living room listening to my mom and dad fighting in the kitchen. I got up and past the hallway I saw a black mass go from the bathroom to the office. I told them (my parents) but they never believed me. Another time was years later when my lil brother's friend's dad died. I kept picturing a road, motorcycle and a curb. The next day I told my grandma and she still didn't believe me. I've sat in my room before, and my cats water dish flew off the table. My cats were all sleeping on my bed and the water dish was on the table against the wall. No way could it have been moved like that! Also a couple months ago I was in my room and I have a floor lamp with lights wrapped around it. The wrap around lights were not connected to the outlet of my wall, but they started twisting and moving like someone was trying to take them off the floor lamp. I quickly got up and grabbed my old phone, which had video and started recording. It was a full battery, however it died about 2 times, but I got enough time to get 2 videos. They're not good quality because I have anxiety and my hands tend to shake, so after the video I ran out of my room to get my grandma. It was about 2 am, SHE WASN'T TOO HAPPY. I had to show her, but she didn't even listen to me. I have the videos and I would like someone to look at them or have someone talk to me about this please. Get back to me anyone!!


Lola said...

Okay look i beilieve you completely. Some people may go oh theres a good reason that all of this happened. Not. Dont think as yourself as crazy weird. Think aa your self a creative and try to contact this spirt. Some timrs they act cranky cause they need som one to talk to but nobody listens to the.! Does that line sound familar.