Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleeping With - by Kou

When this happened, I was five or six, and my sister was 11 or 12. I can still remember this because it was so weird and scary. My family lived in a house in Wisconsin. I had 6 brothers and sisters living with me at the time. There were lots of weird things happening but this is the one that confused me the most. My sister and I were in her room while my other family members were sleeping. It was 10pm-11pm and it was a school day. My sister and I were just getting ready to go to bed. We turned off the lights and we started to fall asleep. I turn my head away from my sister and put my hand in front of my face. I felt something with LONG hair and it was smooth. I felt it on top of the bed against my body, it was like 2 feet long. It felt like it was coming from the wall too, or under the bed. I thought it was my sister, but she was sleeping behind me. I thought my other sister sneaked in when we didn't notice, but I called out my sister's name and she didn't answer. I told my sister sleeping next to me to turn on the light. She turned on the light and I thought we were going to see long hair on the side of the bed, but there was nothing. Not a single thing but my pillow. I felt like there was also a presence, so told my sister I was going to sleep with my brother and I left. After that happened, I stopped sleeping in that room.