Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Waterfall Lady - by Anonymous

It was a stormy day. We were traveling along a highway. Rain slowly sprinkled down, landing on our car's windsheild. One of us all the sudden had to use the washroom. So we pulled up a mountain, where a waterfall was. We went into a tiny washroom. My two friends went into the stalls, while I stood outside. A woman emerged from behind the door and blurted, "Please hurry up, I really have to go," I ignored it and turned around. When I looked back I saw no one. She was gone. The heavy door had not been opened or closed. It was a heavy metal door so I would have heard it slam shut. My friends also agreed they heard the voice but no closing door. Also when she came in it seemed to get colder, but that could have been the air coming in. We just went on with life... One day I bought a newspaper. I opened it up to see the face of the girl I had seen.

There it said, "Died falling down the waterfall in...." I gasped I had seen her yesterday and she died two days ago.