Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Swinging Ghost - by Anonymous

It was a dark winter afternoon. I was playing at my best friend's barn, having a sleep over. We decided to play outside. Bats swooped low to the ground and stray cats meowed in the moonlight. We headed up to the barn and in this barn was a tire swing. We were joking around saying how a ghost lived in the barn. When we walked into the barn my heart stopped. The tire swing was rapidly swing up and down, "Must be the wind," I whimpered, but to tell the truth there was not even a breeze. We slowly approached the tire swing and I decided to try to lift it up. Now I am strong enough to lift a tiny tire swing but when I tried to grab it swinging, It would not stop. It started to slow down and I tried to lift it, no luck. It was like a heavy un-seen force was pushing it down. My friend also tried but it did not budge. I was getting scared but to make her feel better I joked around. "Um, ghost please get off," I laughed. Just then it felt like something cold and dreary walked right through me.

To this day the tire swings every night at ten to eleven, and we have never gone outside past nine in case we come in contact with this strange ghost.