Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ghost Family - by Anonymous

I have recently moved houses, at my old house I used to see faces in the window and what can only be described as shadow people. Since moving to this new house I see a man standing in the corner of my room most nights, he never moves unless I worry. If I worry he advances to my bedside, stands and then disappears. I have also seen a woman walking around in my hallway and then into my bedroom, she looked so alive that I picked up a hammer and followed her thinking it was a burglar. I soon found out it wasn't and left the house straight away. The last ghost I've seen twice, once in my mother and step father's room and again today. Today the small girl was sitting in my hall wearing a white old fashioned dress (she looks a lot like the woman that I saw), she was sitting cross legged and looked my way then giggled and ran off. The giggle sent a chill down my spine and again I left the house immediately. I feel that I shouldn't be in my own home. I only see them when I'm alone or only with my two dogs. What do they want from me? Why do I feel most at ease around the male? I fear the woman but very rarely fear him and often feel comforted by his presence! I hope if anyone reads this they don't just think im totally crazy. x x x