Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Barking - by Anonymous

My beloved dog Max died a few weeks ago. I had him since I was a teenager, now I am an adult living in my own house... My dog also lived there, but he got cancer and before I knew it, he had passed away. I got him cremated and a very nice object to put him in. I set him up on the living room fire place and went to bed. When I woke up around two o'clock, I heard a barking sound, and it was coming from down stairs... I grabbed my umbrella and tip toed down the stairs. The further I went the more I could hear the bark... (and it sounded like Max...) For a moment I thought he was still alive and maybe locked outside. When I got there the barking stopped and all was silent. This kept going on over and over again. Every night I would hear the cold cries of my lost dog, so I decided he needed peace.

I brought his ashes to a river where we had so much fun walking. I looked around to make sure no one saw me gently pour the ashes into the rapid waters. A tear drop trickled down my face.

The next day I went back to the water, and I heard the lost bark again, but this time, it was not a lost sad bark.... it was his happy bark.

To this day I go back three times a week at night, and listen to my dogs bark echo all around...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ghost Dog Bite - by Kealoha DuDoit

Ok, so my dog just died about a month ago, and my story takes place not even a week or so after he dies. So I was giving my daughter (she's 4) a shower and she was scared and got out right away. I asked her what's the matter and she says, "Something bit me."

I ask, "What bit you?"

She says "My dog bit me on my arm." I look at her arm and sure enough I saw teeth marks. My dog loves to take showers and to sleep in the tub, so I know he's there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ghost Family - by Anonymous

I have recently moved houses, at my old house I used to see faces in the window and what can only be described as shadow people. Since moving to this new house I see a man standing in the corner of my room most nights, he never moves unless I worry. If I worry he advances to my bedside, stands and then disappears. I have also seen a woman walking around in my hallway and then into my bedroom, she looked so alive that I picked up a hammer and followed her thinking it was a burglar. I soon found out it wasn't and left the house straight away. The last ghost I've seen twice, once in my mother and step father's room and again today. Today the small girl was sitting in my hall wearing a white old fashioned dress (she looks a lot like the woman that I saw), she was sitting cross legged and looked my way then giggled and ran off. The giggle sent a chill down my spine and again I left the house immediately. I feel that I shouldn't be in my own home. I only see them when I'm alone or only with my two dogs. What do they want from me? Why do I feel most at ease around the male? I fear the woman but very rarely fear him and often feel comforted by his presence! I hope if anyone reads this they don't just think im totally crazy. x x x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Swinging Ghost - by Anonymous

It was a dark winter afternoon. I was playing at my best friend's barn, having a sleep over. We decided to play outside. Bats swooped low to the ground and stray cats meowed in the moonlight. We headed up to the barn and in this barn was a tire swing. We were joking around saying how a ghost lived in the barn. When we walked into the barn my heart stopped. The tire swing was rapidly swing up and down, "Must be the wind," I whimpered, but to tell the truth there was not even a breeze. We slowly approached the tire swing and I decided to try to lift it up. Now I am strong enough to lift a tiny tire swing but when I tried to grab it swinging, It would not stop. It started to slow down and I tried to lift it, no luck. It was like a heavy un-seen force was pushing it down. My friend also tried but it did not budge. I was getting scared but to make her feel better I joked around. "Um, ghost please get off," I laughed. Just then it felt like something cold and dreary walked right through me.

To this day the tire swings every night at ten to eleven, and we have never gone outside past nine in case we come in contact with this strange ghost.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Waterfall Lady - by Anonymous

It was a stormy day. We were traveling along a highway. Rain slowly sprinkled down, landing on our car's windsheild. One of us all the sudden had to use the washroom. So we pulled up a mountain, where a waterfall was. We went into a tiny washroom. My two friends went into the stalls, while I stood outside. A woman emerged from behind the door and blurted, "Please hurry up, I really have to go," I ignored it and turned around. When I looked back I saw no one. She was gone. The heavy door had not been opened or closed. It was a heavy metal door so I would have heard it slam shut. My friends also agreed they heard the voice but no closing door. Also when she came in it seemed to get colder, but that could have been the air coming in. We just went on with life... One day I bought a newspaper. I opened it up to see the face of the girl I had seen.

There it said, "Died falling down the waterfall in...." I gasped I had seen her yesterday and she died two days ago.