Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Glad You're Here - by Alex

I really dont know where to start. My name is Alex and im 15. I never really believed in the whole after life thing and just would laugh stuff off when people told stuff to me. Well my family and I have land in Oconto Wisconsin that we camp on, and way back when a guy whose related to us carried this cottage over the bay on the ice and planted it there and it still sits to this day. Well this year on memorial day..we were having a camp fire and i got up to go to the bathroom..being a guy I just took a couple steps into the woods and that was that. I all of a suddden looked up and saw a guy standing there. Older..looked hard working and looked like a farmer, I said "Who the hell are you?" and the guy looked up at me..with sad eyes..and he looked like a quiet person..he looked at me and said, "I just wanna say im glad you're here." and I kinda ran away to the campfire..I got back to the fire and looked at my family and said where did that guy go..and my family of course had no clue..they said what guy..I explained how I just saw someone and there is no way he could of disappeared that fast. The next day my aunt pulled out pictures and the last picture on the last page..was a picture of the same guy I talked too..Am I seeing things or did i really expierence my first ghost?