Thursday, April 28, 2011

Presence Since a Child - by Anonymous

When I was a young girl of about 6 years of age, I used to feel there was somebody lying next to me in bed, I could actually feel the contours of their body next to mine, they never touched me but it was just the presence that scared the hell out of me. My parents had to leave the landing light on until the day I left home at 29 when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband). I always felt this presence and still do, especially in the back room of our home, even now my 6 year old daughter says that mummy's bedroom has nasty ghosts. I for one don't think whatever it is as a demon, but it scares the hell out of me still and I can't sleep, I lay awake at night sweating to death with my quilt over me too scared to look beyond the covers.....I've even called out and asked it nicely to just leave me alone, although I can never see it, I feel it there, it would be easier if I did see a spirit, ghost, whatever you wanna call it, at least I would know in my mind I'm not going crazy......even our dog won't sleep in that room, but I know it's not the room I know it's me, what should I do?


Anonymous said...

What you should do? Go see a psychiatrist! You even contradict yourself because you say that the problem is you, not the room, yet you say the dog won't sleep in that room.