Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue Orb Randomly Appears - by Renee

This occurred while I was living in a house that my family had just built. That fact is what makes the occurrence seem so strange to me. One night I had a friend over for a sleepover, and like on most sleepovers we decided to stay up late. It was probably around 2 or 3 am, and we were getting sleepy watching the Discovery channel on my bed. I remember it being something about whales, which is entirely irrelevant, but the details of that night remain so clear in my mind. All of a sudden this blue ball rises up out of my floor. Dead center in the middle of my room there is a blue misty ball of light about 2 inches above the carpet. It was strange the way it looked -- it was like a combination of smoke and light, but it didn't cast light upon the floor. It was less than a foot in diameter, but just barely; I'd say it was about 10 inches across. I remember asking "Becca, do you see that?" so nonchalantly it makes me laugh now to think about it. I didn't feel scared or creeped out at all, just confused. It stayed there in the middle of my room for about 3 seconds and then sort of dissipated. Afterwards we tried to put into words just how it looked, which is no easy feat considering it's strange moving texture. It was like smoke and light were dancing around inside a sphere or something. This was the only time I'd seen anything like that in that house. I can't explain why it showed up the way it did, and left so quickly never to appear again. The house has new owners now and I wonder if they have experienced anything similar.


Anonymous said...

I experienced an orb outside my window many years ago. It was white and have no idea what it was. Nothing we can do about it.