Thursday, April 28, 2011

Presence Since a Child - by Anonymous

When I was a young girl of about 6 years of age, I used to feel there was somebody lying next to me in bed, I could actually feel the contours of their body next to mine, they never touched me but it was just the presence that scared the hell out of me. My parents had to leave the landing light on until the day I left home at 29 when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband). I always felt this presence and still do, especially in the back room of our home, even now my 6 year old daughter says that mummy's bedroom has nasty ghosts. I for one don't think whatever it is as a demon, but it scares the hell out of me still and I can't sleep, I lay awake at night sweating to death with my quilt over me too scared to look beyond the covers.....I've even called out and asked it nicely to just leave me alone, although I can never see it, I feel it there, it would be easier if I did see a spirit, ghost, whatever you wanna call it, at least I would know in my mind I'm not going crazy......even our dog won't sleep in that room, but I know it's not the room I know it's me, what should I do?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue Orb Randomly Appears - by Renee

This occurred while I was living in a house that my family had just built. That fact is what makes the occurrence seem so strange to me. One night I had a friend over for a sleepover, and like on most sleepovers we decided to stay up late. It was probably around 2 or 3 am, and we were getting sleepy watching the Discovery channel on my bed. I remember it being something about whales, which is entirely irrelevant, but the details of that night remain so clear in my mind. All of a sudden this blue ball rises up out of my floor. Dead center in the middle of my room there is a blue misty ball of light about 2 inches above the carpet. It was strange the way it looked -- it was like a combination of smoke and light, but it didn't cast light upon the floor. It was less than a foot in diameter, but just barely; I'd say it was about 10 inches across. I remember asking "Becca, do you see that?" so nonchalantly it makes me laugh now to think about it. I didn't feel scared or creeped out at all, just confused. It stayed there in the middle of my room for about 3 seconds and then sort of dissipated. Afterwards we tried to put into words just how it looked, which is no easy feat considering it's strange moving texture. It was like smoke and light were dancing around inside a sphere or something. This was the only time I'd seen anything like that in that house. I can't explain why it showed up the way it did, and left so quickly never to appear again. The house has new owners now and I wonder if they have experienced anything similar.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Slept In My Dead Aunt's Bed and What Happened Defies All Your Beliefs - by Skeptic Richard

My aunt was very old and bed-ridden for years. She finally passed away the day before her 98th birthday, in that same bed in her house where her son (my cousin) lived with her and took good care of her.

I went to visit them a couple of times a year and stayed in a tiny
guest room with just a couch thing for a bed. I didn't get there for
her funeral, but am here now visiting my cousin. I assumed I would
stay in the guest room like I always have, but he suggested I take her
room because it's so much larger. I thought that would be too creepy,
but he reminded me that I was the big skeptic so why would I, of all
people, feel that way? He claimed that he heard strange noises at
night from that direction, but figured that was because he didn't get
enough sleep and was half-falling asleep while he worked in his room
nearby. I wondered why he seemed to be pushing me to stay in that
room. Perhaps the room had some influence over him? But that was crazy
thinking to me, the Skeptic Richard.

I sat on her bed a couple of minutes to see how it felt to be in that
room and studied the power outlets to make sure they were adequate for
all my toys. It seemed OK, so I did end up sleeping in her bed last
night. I fell asleep OK without hearing or seeing anything unusual.
But in the middle of the night I was awoken by a pressure INSIDE my
body! INSIDE mind you, and it wasn't a dream. I was very much awake
and there was still this pressure. Was it Aunt Annie?

After a few more seconds, it became clear that the pressure was in my
bladder because I had to go to the bathroom. I did, got back into
bed, couldn't fall asleep for a while so I played with the Internet,
fell asleep again without seeing or hearing anything interesting.
Slept for several more hours, woke up refreshed, still nothing
interesting happened.

Some people might say this story shows there are no ghosts. But I
prefer to think that Aunt Annie was happily continuing to live in the
house she loved for so many years, and went out of her way to stay
quiet so as not to disturb me, her favorite nephew.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seeing Dead Brother and Mother - by Crystil Smith

When my brother Randy died in 73, who tragically drowned in Lake Mead, I have seen full aparisions of him in our house. I was only 9 when he died, he was a 6 foot slim guy who used to eat alot. He used to be seen standing by the refrigerator. My mother and I had seen him by the frig holding the door of the refrigerator open and staring at us. Never said anything to us, we were frozen til he disappeared. He use to hold my chair back til the front legs were off the floor, then mom would say to him put my chair down. In the middle the night he used to have the TV on very loud and wake us up. I was so scared I yelled up the vents to mom and dad that the TV was on. I used to look out a crack in my door and see down the hall where the TV room was and see the glow of the TV on and noise. When mom and dad came down stairs I followed, and we all saw Randy in a chair just staring at us. Mom said don't be afraid, she told Randy it's time for bed. The TV would not come on again after she said that.

Thirty years later my mom caught pnuemomia and broke her shoulder and she died in Pueblo hospital. Following her death I have experienced her voice calling me, she would say, "Cris, where are you?" I answered but it was like she was in the room but could not see her but I could hear her voice. I so wanted to see her. Shortly after I divorced, I left Colorado to Arizona, my child was 6 yrs old. It was night time, driving the U-Haul, I had the panasonic phone up front, going through AZ the phone goes off, it's ringing, My daughter says "mom answer it." So I picked it up and said hello, you could hear static and moms voice saying, "Cris, where are you?" I was telling her I'm right here, I love YOU, then the phone goes dead. The phone had no battery in it.