Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dream - by Anonymous

Last night I had a very weird dream. I guess what I am asking is can demons come to you in a dream? Anyway, I was dreaming about a male, being very dark and spoke in a low haunting voice, "I know your wife and she knows me from the house, my name is Micheal," that is all he said. When I woke up I had a very heavy feeling on my back. I could move, but the weird thing is there was a very haunted feel to the bedroom.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Life - by Summer Lynn

Ever since I can remember, I've been able to sense or see things. The first time it happened I was about 4 or maybe older. I was in the living room listening to my mom and dad fighting in the kitchen. I got up and past the hallway I saw a black mass go from the bathroom to the office. I told them (my parents) but they never believed me. Another time was years later when my lil brother's friend's dad died. I kept picturing a road, motorcycle and a curb. The next day I told my grandma and she still didn't believe me. I've sat in my room before, and my cats water dish flew off the table. My cats were all sleeping on my bed and the water dish was on the table against the wall. No way could it have been moved like that! Also a couple months ago I was in my room and I have a floor lamp with lights wrapped around it. The wrap around lights were not connected to the outlet of my wall, but they started twisting and moving like someone was trying to take them off the floor lamp. I quickly got up and grabbed my old phone, which had video and started recording. It was a full battery, however it died about 2 times, but I got enough time to get 2 videos. They're not good quality because I have anxiety and my hands tend to shake, so after the video I ran out of my room to get my grandma. It was about 2 am, SHE WASN'T TOO HAPPY. I had to show her, but she didn't even listen to me. I have the videos and I would like someone to look at them or have someone talk to me about this please. Get back to me anyone!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleeping With - by Kou

When this happened, I was five or six, and my sister was 11 or 12. I can still remember this because it was so weird and scary. My family lived in a house in Wisconsin. I had 6 brothers and sisters living with me at the time. There were lots of weird things happening but this is the one that confused me the most. My sister and I were in her room while my other family members were sleeping. It was 10pm-11pm and it was a school day. My sister and I were just getting ready to go to bed. We turned off the lights and we started to fall asleep. I turn my head away from my sister and put my hand in front of my face. I felt something with LONG hair and it was smooth. I felt it on top of the bed against my body, it was like 2 feet long. It felt like it was coming from the wall too, or under the bed. I thought it was my sister, but she was sleeping behind me. I thought my other sister sneaked in when we didn't notice, but I called out my sister's name and she didn't answer. I told my sister sleeping next to me to turn on the light. She turned on the light and I thought we were going to see long hair on the side of the bed, but there was nothing. Not a single thing but my pillow. I felt like there was also a presence, so told my sister I was going to sleep with my brother and I left. After that happened, I stopped sleeping in that room.

Last Nite - by Oloren

I never had this happen before, and it was very weird. I was dreaming about an old witch, I was sitting on a wood crate. When I awoke from sleep, I felt a heavy pressure on my back. I did not see or hear anything, just a very heavy pressure on my back. Anyone got any ideas what this could have been?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Demon Baby? - by Pretty Poison

One morning @ 6am my alarm rang for school. I rolled over to turn it of and as I did I realized there was light in my room (my bedroom had no windows). When I reached for my alarm clock I saw a hideous baby sitting on the floor about 5 ft from me with its hair completely on fire, it had a really ugly face, it just looked like a monster. The baby was just looking at me and it was laughing. It also had something near its feet I don't know if it was toys or what but I know it wasn't there before. I stared at the baby for what seemed like ages. I was so scared I couldn't even move. It wasn't until I faintly heard my alarm still ringing that I kind of snapped out of it. I stared blankly at my alarm trying to figure out how to turn it off but before I could the room went back to dark. I finally turned my alarm off and I was so petrified I didn't move for a good 15 mins. I've been trying to figure out what it was or what it wanted. If anyone has any comments or knowledge it would be very helpful.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Barking - by Anonymous

My beloved dog Max died a few weeks ago. I had him since I was a teenager, now I am an adult living in my own house... My dog also lived there, but he got cancer and before I knew it, he had passed away. I got him cremated and a very nice object to put him in. I set him up on the living room fire place and went to bed. When I woke up around two o'clock, I heard a barking sound, and it was coming from down stairs... I grabbed my umbrella and tip toed down the stairs. The further I went the more I could hear the bark... (and it sounded like Max...) For a moment I thought he was still alive and maybe locked outside. When I got there the barking stopped and all was silent. This kept going on over and over again. Every night I would hear the cold cries of my lost dog, so I decided he needed peace.

I brought his ashes to a river where we had so much fun walking. I looked around to make sure no one saw me gently pour the ashes into the rapid waters. A tear drop trickled down my face.

The next day I went back to the water, and I heard the lost bark again, but this time, it was not a lost sad bark.... it was his happy bark.

To this day I go back three times a week at night, and listen to my dogs bark echo all around...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ghost Dog Bite - by Kealoha DuDoit

Ok, so my dog just died about a month ago, and my story takes place not even a week or so after he dies. So I was giving my daughter (she's 4) a shower and she was scared and got out right away. I asked her what's the matter and she says, "Something bit me."

I ask, "What bit you?"

She says "My dog bit me on my arm." I look at her arm and sure enough I saw teeth marks. My dog loves to take showers and to sleep in the tub, so I know he's there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ghost Family - by Anonymous

I have recently moved houses, at my old house I used to see faces in the window and what can only be described as shadow people. Since moving to this new house I see a man standing in the corner of my room most nights, he never moves unless I worry. If I worry he advances to my bedside, stands and then disappears. I have also seen a woman walking around in my hallway and then into my bedroom, she looked so alive that I picked up a hammer and followed her thinking it was a burglar. I soon found out it wasn't and left the house straight away. The last ghost I've seen twice, once in my mother and step father's room and again today. Today the small girl was sitting in my hall wearing a white old fashioned dress (she looks a lot like the woman that I saw), she was sitting cross legged and looked my way then giggled and ran off. The giggle sent a chill down my spine and again I left the house immediately. I feel that I shouldn't be in my own home. I only see them when I'm alone or only with my two dogs. What do they want from me? Why do I feel most at ease around the male? I fear the woman but very rarely fear him and often feel comforted by his presence! I hope if anyone reads this they don't just think im totally crazy. x x x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Swinging Ghost - by Anonymous

It was a dark winter afternoon. I was playing at my best friend's barn, having a sleep over. We decided to play outside. Bats swooped low to the ground and stray cats meowed in the moonlight. We headed up to the barn and in this barn was a tire swing. We were joking around saying how a ghost lived in the barn. When we walked into the barn my heart stopped. The tire swing was rapidly swing up and down, "Must be the wind," I whimpered, but to tell the truth there was not even a breeze. We slowly approached the tire swing and I decided to try to lift it up. Now I am strong enough to lift a tiny tire swing but when I tried to grab it swinging, It would not stop. It started to slow down and I tried to lift it, no luck. It was like a heavy un-seen force was pushing it down. My friend also tried but it did not budge. I was getting scared but to make her feel better I joked around. "Um, ghost please get off," I laughed. Just then it felt like something cold and dreary walked right through me.

To this day the tire swings every night at ten to eleven, and we have never gone outside past nine in case we come in contact with this strange ghost.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Waterfall Lady - by Anonymous

It was a stormy day. We were traveling along a highway. Rain slowly sprinkled down, landing on our car's windsheild. One of us all the sudden had to use the washroom. So we pulled up a mountain, where a waterfall was. We went into a tiny washroom. My two friends went into the stalls, while I stood outside. A woman emerged from behind the door and blurted, "Please hurry up, I really have to go," I ignored it and turned around. When I looked back I saw no one. She was gone. The heavy door had not been opened or closed. It was a heavy metal door so I would have heard it slam shut. My friends also agreed they heard the voice but no closing door. Also when she came in it seemed to get colder, but that could have been the air coming in. We just went on with life... One day I bought a newspaper. I opened it up to see the face of the girl I had seen.

There it said, "Died falling down the waterfall in...." I gasped I had seen her yesterday and she died two days ago.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Clearfield Job Corp Ghosts - by Larry Madden

I was asleep in my room with 4 roommates, and I just popped up with a feeling I was being watched. As I looked up it was a man in a chair by my bed smoking a cigar, rocking back and forth, then I looked at the foot of my bed and saw a man standing in a locker looking at me, so as this is happening I couldn't really talk. Then I saw another standing up over my friend's bed looking at me, then a ghost touched the room door with hands and it had a red light coming from it. Then I woke everyone to cut on the lights because I couldn't move. Now that's scary 4 in 1.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Greatest Fear Moment Of My Life - by Sehrish Khan

I was sitting in my living room with my laptop on... My sis was in the kitchen getting some chocolates. I was turning off my computer and suddenly it turned on again. When I went to check on my small sister, the microwave turned on, when she didn't do it.. I checked everywhere but it was only happening with me and my lil sister. :( That was my greatest fear and my lil sis'.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whitey - by Wyatt

I was watching T.V. at about 3am (Which is normal for me), and my older sister was on my computer in my bedroom down the hall. I heard a faint tap down the hall. I turned to look down the hall and saw something I will remember forever. A white shadow that clearly was in the shape of a human, was sprinting at me. It all of a sudden cuts to the left and runs upstairs. Then, as fast as I can I ran over to the stairs and saw nothing there. I then all of a sudden think of my sister. I ran to my room to make sure she's ok. I ran and opened the door so fast I scared her. She was fine. I then ran upstairs because now I'm thinking oh my god, someone's in my house. I searched the WHOLE house and I checked every window and door and they were all closed and locked up. I even went outside with a flashlight to see if someone was out there, but there was no sign of anyone. I came back in my house confused and scared. That's when it dawned on me. It had to be a ghost. I've seen this same ghost on more than one occasion, and I've given it the name "Whitey".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Glad You're Here - by Alex

I really dont know where to start. My name is Alex and im 15. I never really believed in the whole after life thing and just would laugh stuff off when people told stuff to me. Well my family and I have land in Oconto Wisconsin that we camp on, and way back when a guy whose related to us carried this cottage over the bay on the ice and planted it there and it still sits to this day. Well this year on memorial day..we were having a camp fire and i got up to go to the bathroom..being a guy I just took a couple steps into the woods and that was that. I all of a suddden looked up and saw a guy standing there. Older..looked hard working and looked like a farmer, I said "Who the hell are you?" and the guy looked up at me..with sad eyes..and he looked like a quiet person..he looked at me and said, "I just wanna say im glad you're here." and I kinda ran away to the campfire..I got back to the fire and looked at my family and said where did that guy go..and my family of course had no clue..they said what guy..I explained how I just saw someone and there is no way he could of disappeared that fast. The next day my aunt pulled out pictures and the last picture on the last page..was a picture of the same guy I talked too..Am I seeing things or did i really expierence my first ghost?

Monday, June 6, 2011

In the Crib - by Luc

I am a 43 year old man, my childhood is a distant memory by now, but a few of my early memories still haunt me to this day. Haunt is a harsh word, I should say lingers with me. I must have been 9 months to 18 months old or maybe 2 since I was still sleeping in the crib. I remember laying in the crib in my parents' bedroom, it was daylight and there were 3 different individuals, 2 men and a woman. They were conversing with me through telepathy, not so much as using language but images in coordination, I can't describe it correctly. I wasn't threatened by them, it was as if I knew them. As if they were giving me advice or contemplating my new life. I remember later on being able to see ghosts, I remember telling my mother about them, but she was scared and told me to stop the nonsense.

Another thing that has followed me through life is the numbers 3, 6 and 9. All the major events in my life have revolved around the number 3. I am the 3rd boy, I am the baby of 9 kids, I have 6 sisters. I've always been different.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Cat Protects Me - by Nick

My name is Nick, I'm 15. I live with my two sisters, my mom and step dad. Well one night I was sitting by myself watching TV. I was watching Animal Planet's,The Haunted. On the show this cat would stare at a wall or door blankly. Well it was about 12:00, I was laying in bed with my cat, and my cat NEVER lays with me. I woke up around 1:00AM with my cat laying its paws on my chest, which he does sometimes but never with me. Well I noticed I had to go to the bathroom, so I started to lean up and my cat pushes me down with a tremondous force with his paws and I froze. He was staring at my open closet very intensely, my head was up and my heart was racing. I had that pose for an hour, then after a while my urge to go over came me. I got up, moved him over, turned on the light, went back and didn't fall asleep that night. My cat never left my side and never stopped looking at that closet.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Presence Since a Child - by Anonymous

When I was a young girl of about 6 years of age, I used to feel there was somebody lying next to me in bed, I could actually feel the contours of their body next to mine, they never touched me but it was just the presence that scared the hell out of me. My parents had to leave the landing light on until the day I left home at 29 when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband). I always felt this presence and still do, especially in the back room of our home, even now my 6 year old daughter says that mummy's bedroom has nasty ghosts. I for one don't think whatever it is as a demon, but it scares the hell out of me still and I can't sleep, I lay awake at night sweating to death with my quilt over me too scared to look beyond the covers.....I've even called out and asked it nicely to just leave me alone, although I can never see it, I feel it there, it would be easier if I did see a spirit, ghost, whatever you wanna call it, at least I would know in my mind I'm not going crazy......even our dog won't sleep in that room, but I know it's not the room I know it's me, what should I do?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue Orb Randomly Appears - by Renee

This occurred while I was living in a house that my family had just built. That fact is what makes the occurrence seem so strange to me. One night I had a friend over for a sleepover, and like on most sleepovers we decided to stay up late. It was probably around 2 or 3 am, and we were getting sleepy watching the Discovery channel on my bed. I remember it being something about whales, which is entirely irrelevant, but the details of that night remain so clear in my mind. All of a sudden this blue ball rises up out of my floor. Dead center in the middle of my room there is a blue misty ball of light about 2 inches above the carpet. It was strange the way it looked -- it was like a combination of smoke and light, but it didn't cast light upon the floor. It was less than a foot in diameter, but just barely; I'd say it was about 10 inches across. I remember asking "Becca, do you see that?" so nonchalantly it makes me laugh now to think about it. I didn't feel scared or creeped out at all, just confused. It stayed there in the middle of my room for about 3 seconds and then sort of dissipated. Afterwards we tried to put into words just how it looked, which is no easy feat considering it's strange moving texture. It was like smoke and light were dancing around inside a sphere or something. This was the only time I'd seen anything like that in that house. I can't explain why it showed up the way it did, and left so quickly never to appear again. The house has new owners now and I wonder if they have experienced anything similar.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Slept In My Dead Aunt's Bed and What Happened Defies All Your Beliefs - by Skeptic Richard

My aunt was very old and bed-ridden for years. She finally passed away the day before her 98th birthday, in that same bed in her house where her son (my cousin) lived with her and took good care of her.

I went to visit them a couple of times a year and stayed in a tiny
guest room with just a couch thing for a bed. I didn't get there for
her funeral, but am here now visiting my cousin. I assumed I would
stay in the guest room like I always have, but he suggested I take her
room because it's so much larger. I thought that would be too creepy,
but he reminded me that I was the big skeptic so why would I, of all
people, feel that way? He claimed that he heard strange noises at
night from that direction, but figured that was because he didn't get
enough sleep and was half-falling asleep while he worked in his room
nearby. I wondered why he seemed to be pushing me to stay in that
room. Perhaps the room had some influence over him? But that was crazy
thinking to me, the Skeptic Richard.

I sat on her bed a couple of minutes to see how it felt to be in that
room and studied the power outlets to make sure they were adequate for
all my toys. It seemed OK, so I did end up sleeping in her bed last
night. I fell asleep OK without hearing or seeing anything unusual.
But in the middle of the night I was awoken by a pressure INSIDE my
body! INSIDE mind you, and it wasn't a dream. I was very much awake
and there was still this pressure. Was it Aunt Annie?

After a few more seconds, it became clear that the pressure was in my
bladder because I had to go to the bathroom. I did, got back into
bed, couldn't fall asleep for a while so I played with the Internet,
fell asleep again without seeing or hearing anything interesting.
Slept for several more hours, woke up refreshed, still nothing
interesting happened.

Some people might say this story shows there are no ghosts. But I
prefer to think that Aunt Annie was happily continuing to live in the
house she loved for so many years, and went out of her way to stay
quiet so as not to disturb me, her favorite nephew.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seeing Dead Brother and Mother - by Crystil Smith

When my brother Randy died in 73, who tragically drowned in Lake Mead, I have seen full aparisions of him in our house. I was only 9 when he died, he was a 6 foot slim guy who used to eat alot. He used to be seen standing by the refrigerator. My mother and I had seen him by the frig holding the door of the refrigerator open and staring at us. Never said anything to us, we were frozen til he disappeared. He use to hold my chair back til the front legs were off the floor, then mom would say to him put my chair down. In the middle the night he used to have the TV on very loud and wake us up. I was so scared I yelled up the vents to mom and dad that the TV was on. I used to look out a crack in my door and see down the hall where the TV room was and see the glow of the TV on and noise. When mom and dad came down stairs I followed, and we all saw Randy in a chair just staring at us. Mom said don't be afraid, she told Randy it's time for bed. The TV would not come on again after she said that.

Thirty years later my mom caught pnuemomia and broke her shoulder and she died in Pueblo hospital. Following her death I have experienced her voice calling me, she would say, "Cris, where are you?" I answered but it was like she was in the room but could not see her but I could hear her voice. I so wanted to see her. Shortly after I divorced, I left Colorado to Arizona, my child was 6 yrs old. It was night time, driving the U-Haul, I had the panasonic phone up front, going through AZ the phone goes off, it's ringing, My daughter says "mom answer it." So I picked it up and said hello, you could hear static and moms voice saying, "Cris, where are you?" I was telling her I'm right here, I love YOU, then the phone goes dead. The phone had no battery in it.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Golden Arm - by Anonymous

MY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS STORY: Once about a hundred years ago in civil war time, a man stole a golden arm from a guy that was dead and every few mins he'd hear, "Give me my arm back." Sadly he died; the man who stole the arm died of severe scratches . The lesson is don't steal from the dead. PUHLEASE DON'T STEAL FROM THE DEAD. HE LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trying to Communicate? - by Kevin Epperson

This story is actually several stories in one. It starts out with my best friend from grade school. When I first met him, he had told me stories about how his mom had seen figures and heard voices in the back bedroom of their house. He said that supposedly an older woman had died in the back bedroom of this house before they moved in. The next house that they moved into had several odd things happen in it. One night my friend was sleeping in the basement, and he woke to what he thought was a black bird or something flapping its wings against the ceiling. He glanced at the clock when he didn’t see it anymore and it was 3am. The next morning his mom told him that his aunt had died that morning at 3am. The next story I actually experienced myself. My friend and I were in his basement one night, and everyone was gone except for us. We were watching television when all of a sudden we heard a loud thud on the wood floor above us and it sounded like a bowling ball had fallen on the floor and rolled all the way down the hall, stopped, and then rolled back. We thought his brother had come home and was just messing with us, but we ran upstairs to find that nobody was home. We checked the closet where their bowling balls were, and none had been moved. So about twenty years later, I went to South Bass Island on Lake Erie in Ohio. I went there with several friends to play in a annual volleyball tournament. We had rented a cabin at a state park there( not sure which park). As we were first driving to the cabin, we started up this hill on the road that led to the cabin. As we started going up the hill, I started feeling a burning sensation on the back of my neck as if the sun was shining down on the back of my neck. The sun was not out on this day. As we got closer to the top of the hill my neck felt hotter and hotter. When we got to the top of the hill there was a stop sign. We stopped at the sign and across the road was an old cemetery. I really didn’t think anything of it at the time, but in hindsight the burning neck sensation across from the cemetery may have some meaning. We turned down several roads, and finally got to our cabin. We got all settled into our cabin, and we all gathered in the main living area of the cabin. We started talking and somehow got on the subject of ghosts and ghost stories. I started telling the story about my friend’s houses and encounters that we had that I wrote about earlier in this story. I started telling the story about the sound of a rolling bowling ball and suddenly the television that was sitting in the cabin came on all by itself. We all looked at each other. One of my friends reached over and turned it off and said “ that was weird”. I continued my story and the television came on again. There was no picture on the television. It just had a white static picture. This time my friend unplugged the tv and he said “ if it comes back on this time, we are leaving”. It didn’t come back on and I finished my story. Nothing else happened that night, but I got up the next morning to discover that the cemetery that I had seen when we were driving to the cabin was backed right up to our cabin. Nothing else happened the two days that we were there. When we went to leave we cleaned the cabin up and packed all of our stuff into the car. My friend threw me the key to the cabin to lock it because you had to use a key from the outside to lock the door. I stuck the key into the lock and turned it to lock it. When I tried to pull the key back out, it wouldn’t come out. I turned the key every way I could and it wouldn’t come out. I yelled to my friend to tell him I couldn’t get the key to come out. He came up to the door grabbed the key and it came right out. I stood there puzzled. I grabbed the key back from him and stuck it back in the lock. I tried to pull it out again and it wouldn’t come out. Once again, I tried everything I could to try to pull the key out, and it wouldn’t come out. My friend grabbed the key and pulled it right out again. I am not sure what or who it was that was trying to communicate with me, but I believe it was something paranormal.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Car Accident - by Peter B

About 2 years back, in the midst of summer, a friend and I were walking to his house from mine. During our walk, we noticed 2 ambulances and a fire truck pass by with lights and sirens on. A runner from the opposite way advised us that there was a crash ahead, and that we should take a different route. We thought nothing of the crash and went on our way. About 2 minutes later, we noticed a woman walking in the opposite direction, she did not look very well. She had ripped clothing, so we suggested that she was homeless. This woman walked by us and we smiled politely and said hello, we received no response. Shortly after, we noticed the woman walking towards us again, this is when we realized something was wrong. She smiled at us and showed us her cellular phone as we walked by, it was smashed. At this point we were freaked out, we walked faster and faster until something extraordinary happened. We saw her walking towards us again. Now, we realized that she must have been part of the car accident, but this time, she had solid white hair and her clothes were in better shape than before. She smiled and asked us a question which I will never forget to the day I die. "Do you boys happen to have a cellphone?". We ran. We sprinted by the woman and did not look back. Since that day, we have never talked about what happened, and I told one person, my brother. He looked at me and told me that it didn't happen. I know for a fact that it did happen. Was it an angel that visited us that day? I may never be sure of what happened, but I like to believe that she was an angel. Thank you for listening to my story.