Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lady In The Grave Yard - by Anonymous

When I was a little toddler I could experience lots of ghostly encounters. But the most interesting one would probably be the one about the lady in the graveyard. I was only 3 years old & my mother & I went to the graveyard that was close to our house. Then I had lived with my mother,father,nanny,& papa. So my mother & I were just walking around the graveyard & I saw a lady in a white hat,pink dress,white gloves,& white high heels & she was waving @ me! My mother asked who I was waving @ & I said that lady over there. She said that there was no lady. So she picked me up put me in the wagon & we got the heck out of there! Although we did go back time & time again,we never saw the lady in the graveyard again.



it is very scaring and entertaining