Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Eden (demonic) Haunting - by Shelby Shiloh

A few days ago me and some friends (4) drove out to Eden Arizona. We took the path going through Thatcher. On the way I was told that I was going the wrong way, so I had to turn around. In the process of doing so, I saw a large dark shawdow move in the darkness, it seemed like a large black dog. At first I brushed it off, till we had to go back the way we'd gone first. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the shadow, as if it was following us. Then I saw this little girl on the side of the road. One of my friends started gasping for breath after I'd pointed out the girl. She was crying and after she'd stopped I felt a pressure on my face. To her, someone had been pressing on her chest, cutting off her breath. With me, it felt the same. When we got to the Eden cafe, we found a huge hand print on her chest and my face, it was too big for any of our hands. She also had a large cut as well. We all got out and checked out the car. Hand prints covered it! It seemed as if it had been trying to open the door, and there were two prints on the trunk; As if a girl and boy had been sitting on it. We got in the car to talk, and ended up stopping when David said he'd heared a noise above us. We quickly got out to see if something, or someone was on the roof and found new fresh hand prints coming down from the roof of the car, as if I'd crawled down and over the window. We returned again the next day and took some pictures. In two we have a man, another we have a demonic child. We got pics of the car and what looks like orbs. The newest photo has a large black dog in it, when there was no dog what so ever in the area at the time. The last time we went was this Friday (12-17-10), this time we were nearly ran off the road by a vehical that seemed to have no driver. My car died on the Eden bridge for no reason, the same thing had happened to my friend's car as well. But now it feels like something's always with me in the car, and in my room! I can no longer be in my room with the lights out. I wish someone would help me, but no one wll. Me and my friends are terrified now, and will never forget this... Please... Can't someone help me?



aawesome stoty

Deana said...

Awesome story! Do you have pictures of all.your stories? Id love to share them with some friends to see what they say.