Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Strange Happenings... - by Jason J.

I'm not saying I believe in ghosts, but these are a couple incidents that happened to me and my parents recently that remain unexplained. The following happened at my parents' house and we were all sitting down to watch the baseball game on their TV.

Suddenly, in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the family room where we were all seated, we heard the kitchen water faucet gradually come on. The flow of the water increased until it freely streamed into the sink. As it happened, it was as if someone was lifting the handle on the faucet casually turning the water on...but no one was there. Three people witnessed it, live, in real-time...and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

My step-dad got up off the couch to turn the water off. We were all sort of shocked by the odd occurrence. It happened only one time (on a Sunday). It was the first time anything like that ever happened in their house and hasn't happened since...that is, with the water faucet.

Some days later, something ghostly-odd happened again at my parents' house. We were, once again, watching another baseball game. My step-dad and my mom were in the kitchen, and I was sitting, chatting away with them in conversation in the family room. Suddenly, we realized the TV channel was changed...We had the baseball game on (it was in the middle of the game) and then we realized it had spontaneously changed, by itself, to the Titanic movie on a completely different channel! My step dad asked who changed the channel. I explained to him and my mom that the TV remote control was sitting on the coffee table on the other side of the room the whole time. No one in the house had touched it -- no one human, that is!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Antique Store - by Jacob Woods

Antiques shops are really cool and personally I could spend hours in them. However every time I go into one I get goosebumps.

On one particular occasion I went into an antique shop and my friend and I decided to go upstairs. We both were standing up there and we both looked at the same "antique" old school school desk at the same time and we got this big chill. We both looked at each other and decided it was haunted.

We left the antique shop not long after this. The weird thing was there was nothing odd about the desk. It was just a regular old school desk with a chair connected to it and such. but we both got spooked by it at the same time. Now researching object attachment I learned that antiques and collectibles are well known for their frequency of spirits attaching themselves to them.

So not knowing anything about it as well as looking at the same item at the same time and getting the same feeling we decided it was haunted.

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