Monday, September 20, 2010

Ghost Named Sara On Ouija - by Anonymous

It was dawn, me and my 2 friends were using a Ouija board inside an old closet where my parents kept an old mirror. We closed the closet door but we kept it open for just a little light. Me and my friends asked the question, "Is anyone here or are you here?", and the pointer moved. We then we asked, "Who are you...?" It replied, "Sara." We also found out she was 3. Her family died in a car accident. Apparently some one drove them into the house and they didn't make it. Soon enough, one of my friends said "Hey, look into the mirror." I didn't see anything but us. Soon after a moment of silence, we all ran out screaming. Months later I asked my friends what was so scary about the mirror. They said they saw a little girl in the mirror, but it wasn't very vivid so they didn't see much. And the little girl was Sara the ghost... Soon we found out that I did not only have one ghost in my house, but SEVEN every day. I went to school, me and my friend made a new Ouija board and found out that one of the ghost boys was following me to school and on the last day of school a strong magnet fell off the white board and scared us. Another couple months later me and one other friend who witnessed Sara, were at my house. We made a homemade Ouija board and it worked. We asked about the magnet and it said one of them did it. Then I asked the BIG question. Is my house a sanctuary for ghosts to come when they're dead? The answer........................................ YES..... So I warn you people before you buy your house look up its history ...... or it may already be too late!!!!