Sunday, July 18, 2010

Memories from the Past - by Anonymous

This story is true. It didn't happen to me; I was not born yet. This haunting occured at my grandparent's house when my father was still a kid. It started one night as my grandmother was sleeping. She knew that only her and my father were in the house at the time because my grandfather was working late again. Nuzzled in bed, she remained semi-conscious. Suddenly, from her side of the bed, she could feel movement from the opposite side, as though someone were sitting. Still laying down, she turned her head to see the imprint of a sitting person on the bed, but nobody was there. For a moment she was stunned until the imprint went away. Although it wasn't over yet. A few minutes later, she looked to the curtains. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, though in the blink of an eye, the curtain shot out, revealing a hand under it and vanished. She was under the covers the rest of the night. My grandmother told nobody until a few days later. My father was about five years old. He had a dog which he played with a lot. One day he was running around with him in the house, but the dog stopped and started barking. My father was confused because the place he was barking at, coincidentally, was the curtains that my grandmother saw the hand in. After my father told my grandparents what happened, my grandmother had no choice but to confess of what happened that night. That night, she went to bed trying to forget about the recent events. This next part scared her the most of all. As she closed her eyes, someone clearly whispered into her ear a name. I forgot what it was, but my grandmother had had it. The next day she checked the house's history, though the name didn't come up, so she researched the name. I thought that this was the weirdest part. The name had come up as a solider that died in World War II. Now i know what you are thinking: how does someone from WWII end up at a normal home. It beats me, but apparentally it was true!
. My grandmother and my father both told me this story was true. The spirit of this man didn't go away until she told it to leave.