Friday, June 18, 2010

Story of the Backseat Ghost!!!!!!! - by Bert Topasna

A woman driving home from work late one night heard the sound of a siren. Pulling over thinking it was an ambulance, looked into her rear-view mirror seeing nothing behind her, pulls back onto the road and continues driving. After a while she hears the siren again and pulls over once more, then looking into her rear-view mirror sees an old woman sitting in the backseat of her car with her mouth wide open making a siren noise. The woman driving, then grabs the rosary off of her rear-view mirrror and begins to pray all the way home. If you do alot of night time driving alone be aware of the backseat ghost!!!!!

This is a true story from Guam,
a little island in the Pacific.


Anonymous said...

It was dawn, me and my 2 friends were
using a Ouija board inside a old closet that my parents keept an old mirror. we closed the closet door but we kept it open for just a little and my friends asked the question "Is anyone here or Are you here", and the pointer moved we then we asked who are replyed Sara.we also found out she was 3. her family died in a car accsident. apperantly some one drove them into the house and they didnt make it.Soon enough, one of my friends said "Hey, look into the mirror.
i didnt see anything but us. soon after a moment of silence, we all ran out screaming. months later i asked my friends what was so scary about the mirror. they said they saw a little girl in the mirror ,but it was very vivid so they didnt see much.And the little girl was Sara the ghost...Soon we foud out that i did not only have one ghost in my house ,but SEVEN every day i whent to school me and my friend made a new ouija board and found out that one of the ghost boys was following me to school and on the last day of school a strong magnet fell off the white board and scared us .another couple months later me and one other friend who wittnesed Sara, were at my house. we made a homemade Ouija board and it worked we asked about the magnet and it said one of them did it. Then i asked the BIG question. Is my house a sanctuary for ghosts to come when their dead? the answer................................................. YES..... So i warn you people befor you bye your house look up its history ...... or it may already be too late!!! !(