Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Voices - by Dman

Well I thought I'd write this event, which happened a few yrs ago as to get other people's comments. Shortly after my gran passed away about ten yrs ago my mum, older brother and dad were watching TV in the living room when the door to the living room and hallway suddenly banged. At first my parents thought it to be just the wind, so they checked all the windows but they where closed, and I was fast asleep in my room, so they all sat down to watch TV again when the door began to shake as if someone was turning the handle. At this point the family dog approached the door, tail raised and growling, and backed away from the door as my dad and brother went into the hallway, followed by my mum and the dog, and found nothing, but as our house shares a common loft my dad thought to check the loft, but it was okay and returned to watching TV thinking that it must have just been the wind. When the film that my family were watching ended, my mum went to her bed and about half twelve my mum heard two voices coming from my bedroom, thinking that my older brother had woken me up she shouted through for him to be quiet and let me sleep as I was up early for work, but again the murmered voices started again. By this time my mum got up and was passing the living room and noticed that my brother was still watching TV. She stopped in the hall and shouted on my dad, as I was sleeping I got the weirdest feeling that someone was in the room with me and spoke to me telling me to get up. It was like when you are sleeping or just sitting with your eyes shut you can hear someone enter the room, well that's the feeling I had. I opened my eyes and asked what do you want, thinking that it was my brother, and again I heard and felt the voice in the room say, "Derrick get up, get up now, right now." As it was saying this I said, "shut up" but the voices over lapped each other, which my mum heard, and the other voice I couldn't make out what it was saying, but it made me feel uneasy and I got up and raced out of my room and slept in the living room for the next couple of days. Now my mum and my older brother heard my voice and two other voices talk at the same time, which is weird and every time we passed my bedroom door to leave the house we got the feeling we were being watched by someone. In a few days it passed and the room felt okay again, but the really weird thing is that all of us in the house for the next couple of days could smell a pugent odour and put it down to the dog and bad food, but it was a sweet smell and I've been told this is sometimes the smell that ghosts or whatever can leave behind, but I still blame the family dog. Cheers for reading and hope to hear any comments, whatever they are good or bad.