Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Eden (demonic) Haunting - by Shelby Shiloh

A few days ago me and some friends (4) drove out to Eden Arizona. We took the path going through Thatcher. On the way I was told that I was going the wrong way, so I had to turn around. In the process of doing so, I saw a large dark shawdow move in the darkness, it seemed like a large black dog. At first I brushed it off, till we had to go back the way we'd gone first. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the shadow, as if it was following us. Then I saw this little girl on the side of the road. One of my friends started gasping for breath after I'd pointed out the girl. She was crying and after she'd stopped I felt a pressure on my face. To her, someone had been pressing on her chest, cutting off her breath. With me, it felt the same. When we got to the Eden cafe, we found a huge hand print on her chest and my face, it was too big for any of our hands. She also had a large cut as well. We all got out and checked out the car. Hand prints covered it! It seemed as if it had been trying to open the door, and there were two prints on the trunk; As if a girl and boy had been sitting on it. We got in the car to talk, and ended up stopping when David said he'd heared a noise above us. We quickly got out to see if something, or someone was on the roof and found new fresh hand prints coming down from the roof of the car, as if I'd crawled down and over the window. We returned again the next day and took some pictures. In two we have a man, another we have a demonic child. We got pics of the car and what looks like orbs. The newest photo has a large black dog in it, when there was no dog what so ever in the area at the time. The last time we went was this Friday (12-17-10), this time we were nearly ran off the road by a vehical that seemed to have no driver. My car died on the Eden bridge for no reason, the same thing had happened to my friend's car as well. But now it feels like something's always with me in the car, and in my room! I can no longer be in my room with the lights out. I wish someone would help me, but no one wll. Me and my friends are terrified now, and will never forget this... Please... Can't someone help me?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lady In The Grave Yard - by Anonymous

When I was a little toddler I could experience lots of ghostly encounters. But the most interesting one would probably be the one about the lady in the graveyard. I was only 3 years old & my mother & I went to the graveyard that was close to our house. Then I had lived with my mother,father,nanny,& papa. So my mother & I were just walking around the graveyard & I saw a lady in a white hat,pink dress,white gloves,& white high heels & she was waving @ me! My mother asked who I was waving @ & I said that lady over there. She said that there was no lady. So she picked me up put me in the wagon & we got the heck out of there! Although we did go back time & time again,we never saw the lady in the graveyard again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Strange Happenings... - by Jason J.

I'm not saying I believe in ghosts, but these are a couple incidents that happened to me and my parents recently that remain unexplained. The following happened at my parents' house and we were all sitting down to watch the baseball game on their TV.

Suddenly, in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the family room where we were all seated, we heard the kitchen water faucet gradually come on. The flow of the water increased until it freely streamed into the sink. As it happened, it was as if someone was lifting the handle on the faucet casually turning the water on...but no one was there. Three people witnessed it, live, in real-time...and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

My step-dad got up off the couch to turn the water off. We were all sort of shocked by the odd occurrence. It happened only one time (on a Sunday). It was the first time anything like that ever happened in their house and hasn't happened since...that is, with the water faucet.

Some days later, something ghostly-odd happened again at my parents' house. We were, once again, watching another baseball game. My step-dad and my mom were in the kitchen, and I was sitting, chatting away with them in conversation in the family room. Suddenly, we realized the TV channel was changed...We had the baseball game on (it was in the middle of the game) and then we realized it had spontaneously changed, by itself, to the Titanic movie on a completely different channel! My step dad asked who changed the channel. I explained to him and my mom that the TV remote control was sitting on the coffee table on the other side of the room the whole time. No one in the house had touched it -- no one human, that is!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Antique Store - by Jacob Woods

Antiques shops are really cool and personally I could spend hours in them. However every time I go into one I get goosebumps.

On one particular occasion I went into an antique shop and my friend and I decided to go upstairs. We both were standing up there and we both looked at the same "antique" old school school desk at the same time and we got this big chill. We both looked at each other and decided it was haunted.

We left the antique shop not long after this. The weird thing was there was nothing odd about the desk. It was just a regular old school desk with a chair connected to it and such. but we both got spooked by it at the same time. Now researching object attachment I learned that antiques and collectibles are well known for their frequency of spirits attaching themselves to them.

So not knowing anything about it as well as looking at the same item at the same time and getting the same feeling we decided it was haunted.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ghost Named Sara On Ouija - by Anonymous

It was dawn, me and my 2 friends were using a Ouija board inside an old closet where my parents kept an old mirror. We closed the closet door but we kept it open for just a little light. Me and my friends asked the question, "Is anyone here or are you here?", and the pointer moved. We then we asked, "Who are you...?" It replied, "Sara." We also found out she was 3. Her family died in a car accident. Apparently some one drove them into the house and they didn't make it. Soon enough, one of my friends said "Hey, look into the mirror." I didn't see anything but us. Soon after a moment of silence, we all ran out screaming. Months later I asked my friends what was so scary about the mirror. They said they saw a little girl in the mirror, but it wasn't very vivid so they didn't see much. And the little girl was Sara the ghost... Soon we found out that I did not only have one ghost in my house, but SEVEN every day. I went to school, me and my friend made a new Ouija board and found out that one of the ghost boys was following me to school and on the last day of school a strong magnet fell off the white board and scared us. Another couple months later me and one other friend who witnessed Sara, were at my house. We made a homemade Ouija board and it worked. We asked about the magnet and it said one of them did it. Then I asked the BIG question. Is my house a sanctuary for ghosts to come when they're dead? The answer........................................ YES..... So I warn you people before you buy your house look up its history ...... or it may already be too late!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hitch Hiker Teen - by Izzy

I was driving back from prom with a couple of friends when we saw a girl, about our age(16) hitchhiking. We picked her up and dropped off at her house. By the time I got home I realized the girl had forgotten her purse. The next day I went back to the house to return the purse. An elder woman answered the door. I described the girl who left the purse,( short black hair, gold hoop earing, long red dress, and dark green eyes) the lady said that was her daughter. And she also said," my daughter died 3 years ago yesterday. She always leaves her purse in someones car and I get the same story every year....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Memories from the Past - by Anonymous

This story is true. It didn't happen to me; I was not born yet. This haunting occured at my grandparent's house when my father was still a kid. It started one night as my grandmother was sleeping. She knew that only her and my father were in the house at the time because my grandfather was working late again. Nuzzled in bed, she remained semi-conscious. Suddenly, from her side of the bed, she could feel movement from the opposite side, as though someone were sitting. Still laying down, she turned her head to see the imprint of a sitting person on the bed, but nobody was there. For a moment she was stunned until the imprint went away. Although it wasn't over yet. A few minutes later, she looked to the curtains. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, though in the blink of an eye, the curtain shot out, revealing a hand under it and vanished. She was under the covers the rest of the night. My grandmother told nobody until a few days later. My father was about five years old. He had a dog which he played with a lot. One day he was running around with him in the house, but the dog stopped and started barking. My father was confused because the place he was barking at, coincidentally, was the curtains that my grandmother saw the hand in. After my father told my grandparents what happened, my grandmother had no choice but to confess of what happened that night. That night, she went to bed trying to forget about the recent events. This next part scared her the most of all. As she closed her eyes, someone clearly whispered into her ear a name. I forgot what it was, but my grandmother had had it. The next day she checked the house's history, though the name didn't come up, so she researched the name. I thought that this was the weirdest part. The name had come up as a solider that died in World War II. Now i know what you are thinking: how does someone from WWII end up at a normal home. It beats me, but apparentally it was true!
. My grandmother and my father both told me this story was true. The spirit of this man didn't go away until she told it to leave.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Story of the Backseat Ghost!!!!!!! - by Bert Topasna

A woman driving home from work late one night heard the sound of a siren. Pulling over thinking it was an ambulance, looked into her rear-view mirror seeing nothing behind her, pulls back onto the road and continues driving. After a while she hears the siren again and pulls over once more, then looking into her rear-view mirror sees an old woman sitting in the backseat of her car with her mouth wide open making a siren noise. The woman driving, then grabs the rosary off of her rear-view mirrror and begins to pray all the way home. If you do alot of night time driving alone be aware of the backseat ghost!!!!!

This is a true story from Guam,
a little island in the Pacific.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Voices - by Dman

Well I thought I'd write this event, which happened a few yrs ago as to get other people's comments. Shortly after my gran passed away about ten yrs ago my mum, older brother and dad were watching TV in the living room when the door to the living room and hallway suddenly banged. At first my parents thought it to be just the wind, so they checked all the windows but they where closed, and I was fast asleep in my room, so they all sat down to watch TV again when the door began to shake as if someone was turning the handle. At this point the family dog approached the door, tail raised and growling, and backed away from the door as my dad and brother went into the hallway, followed by my mum and the dog, and found nothing, but as our house shares a common loft my dad thought to check the loft, but it was okay and returned to watching TV thinking that it must have just been the wind. When the film that my family were watching ended, my mum went to her bed and about half twelve my mum heard two voices coming from my bedroom, thinking that my older brother had woken me up she shouted through for him to be quiet and let me sleep as I was up early for work, but again the murmered voices started again. By this time my mum got up and was passing the living room and noticed that my brother was still watching TV. She stopped in the hall and shouted on my dad, as I was sleeping I got the weirdest feeling that someone was in the room with me and spoke to me telling me to get up. It was like when you are sleeping or just sitting with your eyes shut you can hear someone enter the room, well that's the feeling I had. I opened my eyes and asked what do you want, thinking that it was my brother, and again I heard and felt the voice in the room say, "Derrick get up, get up now, right now." As it was saying this I said, "shut up" but the voices over lapped each other, which my mum heard, and the other voice I couldn't make out what it was saying, but it made me feel uneasy and I got up and raced out of my room and slept in the living room for the next couple of days. Now my mum and my older brother heard my voice and two other voices talk at the same time, which is weird and every time we passed my bedroom door to leave the house we got the feeling we were being watched by someone. In a few days it passed and the room felt okay again, but the really weird thing is that all of us in the house for the next couple of days could smell a pugent odour and put it down to the dog and bad food, but it was a sweet smell and I've been told this is sometimes the smell that ghosts or whatever can leave behind, but I still blame the family dog. Cheers for reading and hope to hear any comments, whatever they are good or bad.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Old House From Black Diamond Mines - by Anonymous

The house I grew up in was moved from the Black Diamond Mines. The house stands alone amongst track homes which were built in the early 1950's. If you were to see, you would know that it is different from all of the others.

Myself and other family members have had some "odd" and "strange" experiences, there have been some recently as well. Due to the religion I was raised in, these "experiences" were rarely discussed and were frowned upon.

I do recall one experience that haunts me until this day. I was about 8 years old and my sister was 13. We shared a bedroom and one huge waterbed. Our bed faced a small closet, on the closet door was a poster of Shawn Cassidy (for those of you who don't know who he is, trust me, you want to keep it that way). I remember it was late, but my sister and I would stay up talking. This night while we were talking, my sister paused and then looked at me and asked, "Are you seeing this?" Scared out of my mind, I replied, "Yes, his eyes are moving...right?" She said, "Yes, they are!" We immediately went under the covers in fear. The eyes on the poster were moving, back and forth. It was strange because we had both seen it together. Needless to say the next morning the poster came down.

Just recently there was an experience in the garage. Now, mind you the garage was built after the house was moved from the mines, and it is NOT adjacent to the house, it stands alone and sits within the backyard. This is my father's "get away, man-cave (so to speak)." Myself, my father and my niece were in the garage, I was watching my father and niece play pool. It was down to the 8 ball, my niece said, "8 ball, corner pocket." She makes the shot, sinks the 8 ball; then the door to the garage slams, and a push broom falls. It startled all of us, there was no wind, and no one was in the backyard. We all look at the pool table and there sits the 8 ball in middle of the table, after we three had all seen the 8 ball go into the pocket.

I could go on and on. I will say, I do find these experiences rather fascinating.