Sunday, December 27, 2009

Work Related - by The Shadow

These 3 events happened to me in 2003 and 2007 at two different jobs. In 2003, I worked at a movie theater. Me and two others had just finished cleaning the theater and as we started to leave for the next one, some of the arms to the chairs on the top row fell down at the same time! Wuh? We thought it was strange but didn't think it was unexplainable.
Then I worked the night shift in security in 2007. It was for a 10 story building. On the first floor was a cafe. Half way into my shift I heard a loud crash! I went to the cafe door and looked through the glass as we do not have the key. I could see the glass to the sandwich case had fallen and crashed on the floor! These glass cases are not locked in but are put into place so they should stay put. Even the cafe employees have no idea how that happened. It only happened once.
Finally, at that same building I was patrolling outside and heard a weak voice say, "Hello?" There was no one around me and a voice could not have echoed that far from the street. My only logical guess is someone spoke into a sewer grate and the greeting echoed to a grate near me. Well, that's it! Boring, but true.