Monday, July 6, 2009

The Ghosts Were Starting Without Us - by Anonymous

Hmm.. where should I start......

Ok, mm... my big family (both my Dad & Mom fams) used to be Buddhist
people. They like to pray to a lot of statues that they called 'God &
Goddess'. Every time we have a special occasion like birth, death, celebration
on something (we have a lot of them), we're going to have prayers to
their Gods & then we'll have a family gathering.

We'll prepare food of God&Goddess, I think we used to pray for the
Goddess Kwan Im, The God of kitchen, Earth & Air, I don't really

I was a weak baby from the time I was born, used to be sick all the
time, my parent's Bikku said I'm sick because I can see spirits &
bad spirits have possessed my body. So they put a lot of charms on my body
parts (spell bracelets with bells on my hands & legs, on all my clothes they placed weird red markings, my ribbons had bells too!) LOL
Maybe I looked ridiculous when I was that age LOL
They had placed a lot of charms surrounding our house too.

Hhmm... then my 2nd bro was born, my body's still smaller than my 1'st
bro, although I'm 5 years older than him. I was a really naughty kid
at that time too :p I didn't like to wear those charms because it was
noisy & disturbing me. When we celebrated my 2nd bro's 30 days of birth, my fam set all the ritual offerings for the Gods infront of our door like it used to be,
this time there was more food on it (because it was a celebration).

Me, as usual, being naughty, took my bracelet off, I took out the
charm on the bottom of the curtain too, next to the food.. then I
tried to grab the food because I saw many people come & start to eat
it. My auntie yelled at me & said the party hasn't started yet, we
have to pray first. I said to her that I've seen many people come to
eat it, why can't I eat the food too? At that time they realized that I
could see ghost (because nobody else could see anyone eating). They (the ghosts) didn't look scary though, just like an ordinary people, wearing things like old chinese dresses etc, but it looked a bit'blurred', like you were seeing a person behind fog.

So they took me back to the Bhikku & he wrote some chinese writing on
yellow paper w/ red ink (just like you see on TV) LOL burned
it & forced me to drink it, I hated the taste! He said maybe a bad thing had happened to my fam because i can't kneel down infront of even one of their god/goddess, can't pray for them, I can't even put the candles and the inscence on the sacrifice table when I go to the temple.

I dunno why, my parents started to take me to Sunday school at the
church near our house.I liked it, but I still can't read the bible...
I dunno why I can read many things but not the bible.
So, time goes by, my fam starts to go to church, my health getting
better & better after the father of the church prayed for us & told my
Dad to burn all of the statues at my house, I remembered my house had
LOTS of statues & sometimes I can hear them talking in the night (I
thought it was my parents), they would smile at me or just look at me...
but I ignored them...I stopped seeing ghost after we become Christian.. didn't wear
charms anymore :)

But it happened again when I was in elementary school..
I was going to a retreat w/ my classmates (our school program).
Me & my friend were placed in a nice room (I think), my friend's a kinda
good catholic person, who likes to pray before going to bed, puts the rosary
near her bed, etc...She tried to put her rosary on the top of her bed but it kept falling down. i tried to help her by tying it up onto her bed.. it stayed for a
bit then it fell again after we left it for a while. I did feel
something wrong at that time because I really tightened up in bed.

When we took a 'station of the cross' how is it said.. I dunno for sure..
I was walking on the back side of the group because I wasn't joining the
ritual, I sensed someone was behind us, then I turn around..
I saw a man wearing deep violet clothes (how is it said for the
father clothes), robe? he's standing behind a tree, I think he's
watching us but he has no face! his face's blurred & I can see
he's making sounds like 'ggrrr.....ggrrr......'
I can't say anything because I feel afraid at that time, specially
when we're passing some graves, I can feel he's always following us &
I can hear him sounding louder, but how come my friend can't hear / see

I tried to ignored him, finally we arrived at the Mary's place (how is
it called, a place to pray to Jesus's mom?).
It begin to become dark at that time, I tried to ask my friend if they heard
something, they said nope, we're talking right? so we hear your
voice.I look behind us again, he's gone! I feel good... but again I hear
something that sounds like it's flying on the top of us (there was a lot of trees
surrounding us w/ a lot of leaves too.. I thought it was birds...
I said to my friends, hey, there are lots of birds here! they said where,
we're chatting to each other here, nothing's up there (they looked up too)
but I could see many things flying on top of us at that time, kinda like
small bats but it had no specific sound, like 'brt... brt...brt..'
(when your TV errors...) Wonder why they can't see it :( my friends
start to joke with me, but they see that I'm not joking at all.

They started to light candles & pray infront of Mary.... my teacher
asked me to do the same, but my candle won't light up & I saw Mary
smiling at me in a weird kind of smile, like something bad :(

Then we came back to our room & found the rosary had fallen to the ground
again, I put it back because my friend's were out to help my teacher
prepare our dinner. She found information that once, a young
father was living in our room (we're staying in a seminary at that
time)... he found something wrong w/ Catholic religion/ something (I
don't understand much about).. he tried to tell his friends, his
mm.. what is it called for his seminary headmaster? but no one wanted to
accept him nor his opinion.. he had no friends since then, because his
friends thought he was a weirdo or something. They thought he was screwing up the Catholics in some way. He couldn't get out of the seminary, became depressed &
killed himself in that room.. (our room now)..

My friend got the information that it was related to Mary (Jesus
mom)or something, that's why he didn't like my friend putting the rosary in
his room nor lighting a candle to pray for Mary.
I didn't care about it much that time, all I knew was I wanted to go to
his grave (they put him in one of those graves we passed yesterday)
& put some flowers on it.

We went to his grave on the next day, put some flowers on it & this
time, he showed himself to me again (behind the trees), I told my
friends to look at him, they could see him too! 1 of my friends started to
yell 'He's got no face!' then all of us ran & yelled, We were all afraid at
that time!!!My teachers asked us what had happened, while we explained it to them that some of fathers were listening to us too & they've said, yea, he's still in
here & trying to tell us I guess, we all hope he can die in peace..

Hhmm.. I really didn't want to see ghosts again though, sometimes it
didn't scare me but it's just not fun, feels like it's not normal.

In Forensic class it's the worse, many people die in the 'not normal' way.
People here are only being autopsied if they die in a 'not normal' way.
So they've always said many ghosts were in the autopsy room. We tried
to ignored it really, because nobody likes seeing a dead person
right??One day, we got a subject... the police sent us something...
when my friend opened it, it was a burned baby :'(
We had to check it out & autopsy him so the police could make their report.
I couldn't do anything that time, I stared at that baby & I heard
someone singing, God, i still remember the singing! 'Who's my
guardian? Where's my guardian?' I couldn't tell if the voice was a man,
woman or children, but it kept singing in my head! I answered it by
singing back a bit:'He's here, Jesus's your guardian' but it seemed
the voice didn't hear my answer.

I asked my friend if they heard that too, they said plz don't
freak us out, we didn't hear anything except the cops & us.
I looked around indeed, no one's singing at that time, there were about 20
people there in the room (including the police), one police asked me,
what did you hear? I answered, I heard someone's singing: who's my
guardian & where's my guardian? then the police told me the whole
story: the baby was left at his home while his grandmother was out to
shop for a bit (because the baby's sleeping). when she came back, the
house had been burned & the baby was trying to escape but he couldn't (because
he's still about 7-8 mo yo I guess) the baby position's appeared like he was trying to escape from the fire :'(

My friend wrote the autopsy report & we went home, but I can still
hear the voice in my head & I can't stop crying, feels like I've been
left behind or something, soo empty... then my friends help me out by
praying for me, my moslem friend called her grandfather to pray for me
too that time, because the baby's fam is moslem, she thinks maybe her
grandfather can help me out.. so she prepared the things that her
grandpa told her, like flowers, holy water, etc.. they're going to put
the charms on me.. Hope the baby spirit will leave me & go in peace..
My christian friends are praying for me too this time.. I still cried
for 2 days I guess, can't stop, like losing everything in this
world.. then I recovered after a couple of days..
Mm.. that really's not a good experience though.. :( I do hope I
won't have that experience again!

Wonder why I didn't like to work in the hospital?
Beside the graveyard shifts & pay being bad?
it's because I can feel if someone's going to die :'(
I've been working in the hospital for 2 years during my internships,
sometimes I can even say: oh no, he or she's going to die in 5 minutes!
My friends always tried to say 'Don't say that! try to be
positive!' Never say that infront of the patient's fam!
Of course I won't say that infront of anyone, i just kept it inside,
or sometimes my friend can ask, 'what do you feel about that patient?'
I feel odd though if someone's going to die, specially if it's
happened infront of me.. the air seems weird, i can't hear anything
surrounding me for a few second.. or when the patient is dying, I can
only hear something like a wind surrounding their room.. weird
feelings.. that's why I don't like it :(
Trying to be a good doc outside the hospital will be good for me I think :)

(Back to the first story) Until now, when the Buddhist people're
celebrating the dead people party (how is it called) I can't get near
them because sometimes I can feel/ see something, specially when
they're starting to burn inscense...
better to avoid them and stay out of trouble :)

I've taken pics in a Buddhist temple (Red Ones) 'something's' there
though, but not too strong :)
I DO hope I won't see weird things again in the future :p

Hope my story's usefull for you :)