Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shadow in the Window - by Gina

I've never personally seen anything myself, but almost 3 years ago our office was in a house very ... mmm heavy. When I was there I felt weak as though I were weighted down by something... mmm as though it was somehow draining me of my energy .I felt bad when I was there, having frequent headaches etc. I was always cold there, even in summer... It could be 30º C (86º F) outside and inside my nails would be turning blue, and I always felt like someone was watching me, (but wouldn't even say hi :P Thank God)....mmm and I still haven't mentioned the part about my sister and her boss...They worked there too, but in the afternoon. I was there from 9am to 3pm and my sister from 3pm to 8pm.. She saw something - more on that later.

I had a blanket at my desk, for my legs, and an electric heater behind me, but it still wasn't enough, I had to stand up and walk many times during the day because the cold was getting to my bones. The first time that really scared me was when I was typing and I saw my nails turn blue (almost purple), even with the heater 50 cms (19.69 inches) behind me. I was alone almost all the time, because my boss works more out on the field than in the office. Once I was in one of the private offices printing some papers and I started to feel weird, my neck felt like a stone, and I felt like someone was behind me, someone not nice... like those people with a black aura... but then my sister arrived and I stopped thinking about it. She told me that one night she was working on the computer, with her back to the door, and something made her turn back to look, and she saw a shadow, (a big one), standing in front of the window that faced the hallway. She told her boss the next day, and her boss said that one time she and other people with her saw it too, in that same window.

Fortunately we moved the office to another place; that house really freak me out. It's still up for sale, we moved almost 3 years ago. I still have the key but I dont want to go back there ever again.