Friday, June 19, 2009

Jack & Joe - by Anonymous

This story goes back 10 years ago. I was living in an apartment block. My son was 4 at the time and had bunk beds in his room. One night i was woken up to the sound of children laughing, i rolled over thinking i was dreaming as my son was asleep. (Children laughing) I open my eyes and lay there listening. Where could that be coming from?? I get out of bed to investigate, outside of my sons bedroom door i can hear laughing and children talking. I open the door and freeze....There on the top bunk are 2 little boys laying on their stomachs talking to my son who is on the bottom bunk. My heart is racing, this is impossible, there has to be an explanation as to what i am seeing!!! My son turns around and looks at me and saids "They came for a visit because they were lonely". As i turned from my son to the 2 little boys they smiled and waved and then dissapeared. As time went on these 2 little boys would come for visits often and i'd often hear my son call them Jack & Joe. When we moved from this apartment, we no longer had visits from them. When i asked the landlord if there were ever any children that had lived in this house before us, she said "yes their names were Jack & Joe and they had died in the house fire!!!"My son still remembers them to this day and always speaks of the fun they all use to have.