Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hotel Haunting - by Anonymous

One Day a man's car broke down so he called the RAA. They told him that it would take 3 days. So he Decided to go to the motel down the road. The person at the hotel gave him his keys and warned him never to go out of his room at 12:00 midnight so he took his bags and went up to his room, forgeting to ask why. So he went to sleep at 12:00 but he heard a noise coming from outside, he looked through the keyhole and saw a little girl wearing white skipping down the corridor, so he was about to go outside and tell her to go to her room. Then he remembered what the man at the lobby said. So he went to sleep. The Next day it was midnight when he was about to go to sleep and the same girl was there skipping down the corridor, but he didn't do anything and went to sleep.

The Next day when it was midnight he was getting ready to go to sleep, but he went to look through his key hole again but all he could see was red.

As he was about to leave the hotel next morning, he asked the man at the lobby why did u say not to go out of your room at midnight, and so the man told him, there once was a girl who died in the corridor and everyday she skips down the corridor at exactly 12:00 midnight as a ghost. She's white, and has red eyes.

As the man was leaving the hotel he realised something, when he could only see red on the third day, as he was looking at her, she was LOOKING AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.