Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghost of Jack Ostern - by Jack Blackman

One day I was asleep when I heard a bang, so I ignored it, then the next day i heard a bang, then the next i heard a bang. So lets say I was fed up so I went down stairs to check what was up, nothing really so i went up stairs to my bed. When I heard the bang again, I went down stairs to check it out; I have a kitchen door so you need to walk though a door to get there you see. Anyway so i looked though the key hole and all i saw was a ghost by the name of Jack i think it's Jack Ostern; he was walking up and down my kitchen door and of course by this time i had sh*t myself so I peged up stairs, dived into my bed and waited all night. Then a couple of months later I moved out thats how scared I was...Written by Jake Blackman...