Friday, June 19, 2009

Broken Head Stone - by Helen

For 13 of the 14 yrs I've lived in my house there has always been some regular activity. For the 1st few yrs I was scared and had lights on all night. One occation I had just gone to bed, it was a time of upset and my life was up side down. My duvet pulled tight accross my shoulders and a womens voice said, "Dont worry Helen every thing will be ok. My heart was pounding as I appeared over my duvet to see I was still completely alone. I see a lady in a white night dress walk past my bed a few years later. My daughters bedroom door is of an old fashion type original to the house, when the children are away at their fathers I always shut their doors but on odd occations just my daughters door would open and close baring in mind this door was old,solid and the catch was stiff. I do know that the 1 st tennant in my house was the late Grandmother of my stepfather and the great Grandmother to my close friend Jane. Jane and I descided to go to the cemetary to search for the the grave, this cemetary is large with thousands of old and new head stones but the oddest thing happened, I was drawn to a broken head stone in the middle of the cemetary, it was covered in moss. I called Jane, when she came we scraped the moss of the head with our keys and sure enough it was the head stone. Between us we lifted back into it's rightful possition. From that day I've never experianced another strange occurance in my house.