Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shadow in the Window - by Gina

I've never personally seen anything myself, but almost 3 years ago our office was in a house very ... mmm heavy. When I was there I felt weak as though I were weighted down by something... mmm as though it was somehow draining me of my energy .I felt bad when I was there, having frequent headaches etc. I was always cold there, even in summer... It could be 30º C (86º F) outside and inside my nails would be turning blue, and I always felt like someone was watching me, (but wouldn't even say hi :P Thank God)....mmm and I still haven't mentioned the part about my sister and her boss...They worked there too, but in the afternoon. I was there from 9am to 3pm and my sister from 3pm to 8pm.. She saw something - more on that later.

I had a blanket at my desk, for my legs, and an electric heater behind me, but it still wasn't enough, I had to stand up and walk many times during the day because the cold was getting to my bones. The first time that really scared me was when I was typing and I saw my nails turn blue (almost purple), even with the heater 50 cms (19.69 inches) behind me. I was alone almost all the time, because my boss works more out on the field than in the office. Once I was in one of the private offices printing some papers and I started to feel weird, my neck felt like a stone, and I felt like someone was behind me, someone not nice... like those people with a black aura... but then my sister arrived and I stopped thinking about it. She told me that one night she was working on the computer, with her back to the door, and something made her turn back to look, and she saw a shadow, (a big one), standing in front of the window that faced the hallway. She told her boss the next day, and her boss said that one time she and other people with her saw it too, in that same window.

Fortunately we moved the office to another place; that house really freak me out. It's still up for sale, we moved almost 3 years ago. I still have the key but I dont want to go back there ever again.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Falling Shelf - by Bambiii

I've only had one sort of weird incident, it's not that interesting. I was at my grandmas old house, and I had a weird feeling about it, but its kind of normal I get weird feelings and such... like at night I would hear creaks and sounds downstairs, and down there always creeped me out.. well, I was upstairs getting into the shower and the shelf by the toilet fell straight down fast and I jumped, tried to put it back up, then realized I'd have to move it above the latch thing and hook it, and there was really no way it could go straight down, cause I pushed on it downwards after and thats it lol.

Jack & Joe - by Anonymous

This story goes back 10 years ago. I was living in an apartment block. My son was 4 at the time and had bunk beds in his room. One night i was woken up to the sound of children laughing, i rolled over thinking i was dreaming as my son was asleep. (Children laughing) I open my eyes and lay there listening. Where could that be coming from?? I get out of bed to investigate, outside of my sons bedroom door i can hear laughing and children talking. I open the door and freeze....There on the top bunk are 2 little boys laying on their stomachs talking to my son who is on the bottom bunk. My heart is racing, this is impossible, there has to be an explanation as to what i am seeing!!! My son turns around and looks at me and saids "They came for a visit because they were lonely". As i turned from my son to the 2 little boys they smiled and waved and then dissapeared. As time went on these 2 little boys would come for visits often and i'd often hear my son call them Jack & Joe. When we moved from this apartment, we no longer had visits from them. When i asked the landlord if there were ever any children that had lived in this house before us, she said "yes their names were Jack & Joe and they had died in the house fire!!!"My son still remembers them to this day and always speaks of the fun they all use to have.

Ghost of Jack Ostern - by Jack Blackman

One day I was asleep when I heard a bang, so I ignored it, then the next day i heard a bang, then the next i heard a bang. So lets say I was fed up so I went down stairs to check what was up, nothing really so i went up stairs to my bed. When I heard the bang again, I went down stairs to check it out; I have a kitchen door so you need to walk though a door to get there you see. Anyway so i looked though the key hole and all i saw was a ghost by the name of Jack i think it's Jack Ostern; he was walking up and down my kitchen door and of course by this time i had sh*t myself so I peged up stairs, dived into my bed and waited all night. Then a couple of months later I moved out thats how scared I was...Written by Jake Blackman...

Broken Head Stone - by Helen

For 13 of the 14 yrs I've lived in my house there has always been some regular activity. For the 1st few yrs I was scared and had lights on all night. One occation I had just gone to bed, it was a time of upset and my life was up side down. My duvet pulled tight accross my shoulders and a womens voice said, "Dont worry Helen every thing will be ok. My heart was pounding as I appeared over my duvet to see I was still completely alone. I see a lady in a white night dress walk past my bed a few years later. My daughters bedroom door is of an old fashion type original to the house, when the children are away at their fathers I always shut their doors but on odd occations just my daughters door would open and close baring in mind this door was old,solid and the catch was stiff. I do know that the 1 st tennant in my house was the late Grandmother of my stepfather and the great Grandmother to my close friend Jane. Jane and I descided to go to the cemetary to search for the the grave, this cemetary is large with thousands of old and new head stones but the oddest thing happened, I was drawn to a broken head stone in the middle of the cemetary, it was covered in moss. I called Jane, when she came we scraped the moss of the head with our keys and sure enough it was the head stone. Between us we lifted back into it's rightful possition. From that day I've never experianced another strange occurance in my house.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hotel Haunting - by Anonymous

One Day a man's car broke down so he called the RAA. They told him that it would take 3 days. So he Decided to go to the motel down the road. The person at the hotel gave him his keys and warned him never to go out of his room at 12:00 midnight so he took his bags and went up to his room, forgeting to ask why. So he went to sleep at 12:00 but he heard a noise coming from outside, he looked through the keyhole and saw a little girl wearing white skipping down the corridor, so he was about to go outside and tell her to go to her room. Then he remembered what the man at the lobby said. So he went to sleep. The Next day it was midnight when he was about to go to sleep and the same girl was there skipping down the corridor, but he didn't do anything and went to sleep.

The Next day when it was midnight he was getting ready to go to sleep, but he went to look through his key hole again but all he could see was red.

As he was about to leave the hotel next morning, he asked the man at the lobby why did u say not to go out of your room at midnight, and so the man told him, there once was a girl who died in the corridor and everyday she skips down the corridor at exactly 12:00 midnight as a ghost. She's white, and has red eyes.

As the man was leaving the hotel he realised something, when he could only see red on the third day, as he was looking at her, she was LOOKING AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps

Strange case of a blackboard falling - by Richard

My friend moved out of his mobile home and it was almost completely
empty. I went in there with him to check it out and while we were
standing in the empty bedroom, a blackboard which had been hanging on
the wall for 20 years suddenly took that moment to fall down with a
swooshing sound. Obviously a ghost in the mobile home caused this.
What else could it possibly be?

True Ghost Story Posted - by Ghost Gossip

I'm not sure if I should call this a ghost story or just unexplained events, I'll let you decide.

It was probably about 9 pm and completely dark outside. My roommate was home and we had 1 person over for company. In my hallway right next to my bedroom is the washing machine and dryer, they were both running. The dryer really shakes! At that time I had a lot of computer cases in the hall, so to get to my room you had to step over and around a lot of things. My bedroom door was slightly opened and the light was on.

Anyway, I am in the hall and all of a sudden I hear my phone ring. I remember walking toward my room and noticing that the light was already on. As I entered my room I could see the phone on the floor. I reached for the light switch by habit but then didn't do anything with the switch because I knew the light was already on. I just kind of touched it as I came in. My room was clearly lit. I sat on my bed and then picked up the phone. It was a bill collector from Discover card service. I explained to him that I had the money but I had been working 8 hours on and 8 hours off and 8 hours on, so I didn't even have a chance to pay anything. He then asked me if the address they had on file was correct. I told him it was my parents' address and that he could keep it that way. I explained that my mom complains if I don't come see her enough, so I might as well go over there to collect my mail. The bill collector understood and said it's the same way with him. (Now days I visit my mom and dad once a week). Anyway, in the course of his discussion, all of a sudden my lights go out. I didn't hear a click from the switch but then again, the dryer is pretty noisey. It seemed exactly the same as a solid state light timer shutting the lights out. My first assumption was that the power had gone out. I could sort of hear my roommate in the living room. I remember noticing that they didn't seem alarmed by anything. I started getting the idea that maybe it wasn't the whole house that lost power after all. Before I finished the phone conversation I noticed that my computers were all still on. I could see their lights lit up. After that I figured I must have blown a breaker or maybe the bulb was lose in the socket. I also thought it was possible that the bulb could have burned out, but when the bulb went out there was no quick flash and no popping sound, so that wasn't very likely.. After getting off the phone I reached for my switch for giggles and noticed to my surprise that the switch was in the down position! I went into the living room and asked my roommate if she walked by there and turned of my light, she said she didn't. I was kind of convinced she probably hadn't because of all the things she would have had to have walked around. Plus my room is at the very end of the hall.

Electrical is something I know quite a bit about. I decided to conduct some tests to see if this was caused by something I could explain. First I thought maybe the switch was in an almost down position and then dropped down from the shaking that was coming from the washer and dryer. This seemed impossible because as soon as the switch is pulled down far enough to drop down, the light is already completely off. I then took the light switch out to study the wires. I was thinking maybe two wires could have been touching each other. When I checked inside the box, everything appeared fine.

I of course talked to my roommate again and she still denied walking up, reaching in and turning off my light.

If this WAS a ghost I feel it could have been warning me about my dad and possibly even both parents. I had mentioned my parents on the phone. At that time, my dad had melanoma on his back and colon cancer but didn't know it yet. If this was truly a ghost I believe it could have been a dead family member trying to warn me. Another thought was that when I started saying 8 hours on and 8 hours off, it was the same sort of thing I would say at work to have the lights turned off. Maybe the similarity confused some element of reality somehow. Okay, I'm going off the deep end with speculation here, but as it is, it's very strange to have a light switch JUST click down! Just so everyone knows my dad was all fixed up and he's doing fine. My mom has had some bad moments too, but she'd doing okay.

Months and month later my roommate claimed that she would catch a glimpse of someone walk to the bathroom doorway while she was looking in the mirror. She would turn around but nothing would be there. She also said that one time she left the bathroom and came back in and found a toiled paper roll standing upright on the floor. She thinks she may have kicked it upright without realizing as she left. Last, and possibly the most spooky is that she claims she actually saw a "ghost". She was in bed sleeping and when she woke up she saw a little boy holding onto a flute. She said he was surprised when she opened her eyes and he sort of jerked back and his flute slipped from his hands a little. She said that his legs were through the bed and his feet were on the floor. It was as if he walked though the bed and was just standing there looking at her. She thinks she could have been half dreaming and admits that the little boy looked like a kid she worked with at the school.

There was another girl who stayed at my place before I got my current roommate. She claimed that she got a little creeped out when she was there alone. I'm not sure why. In all the time I've lived there I hadn't really seen anything.

There was one time I could have sworn while sleeping on my couch that this girl I know started kissing me like crazy. I assumed it was her because she was sleeping on the other couch. The next morning, I figured it must have been a dream. Later at another time, that same friend had a similar "dream" on the other couch (the couches match). She also thought it was me and claimed to have even enjoyed it..hahaa.. I could tell when she asked me if I had been in the living room, why she asked.. I told her I had a similar type of dream. We both concluded that the guy who owned the couches before me, must have had a lot of sex on them. haha.. The two of us knew each other for like about 5 years at that time and we both trust and believe each other.

Oh and one last thing.. I heard a knocking sound under my floor.. It went.. knock knock knock.. It sounded very human like. This was when I had my current roommate, so it was relatively recent. I thought it could have been an animal clawing or maybe even sound carrying over from the neighbors. I knew it wasn't from plumbing, or at least I was pretty sure of that because I knew where the pipes ran. I talked to my brother about it and he told me that our grandmother (who passed away) had a habit of knocking with 3 knocks (instead of the traditional 4). I don't hear the knocking anymore and my roommate hasn't told me anything else unusual has happened, so at least for now, everything is back to normal.

So what do you think? Is my place haunted. Can some or most of this stuff be explained? Did my roommate turn out my light as a joke? You can decide.